Broken Road – Episode 1-1 Review

After covering the latest scandals on Gossip Girl and the always evident love triangles on One Tree Hill, I think it’s only fitting that I cover the newest teen drama Broken Road. Only this time, the drama is portrayed through the eyes of teenage writer and creator Courtney Haigh. The show airs on with a new episode uploaded every Sunday. And here’s a little glimpse into the first episode…

Chloe and Sophie just moved to the small town of Huntington, Kansas with their mother after living in Hawaii with their father who just got shipped off to Iraq. Sophie is the more optimistic sister and enjoys making new friends while Chloe remains unhappy with the move. She also has a little run-in with the “triple threat” consisting of Libby, Gina and Simone. Libby, the resident queen bee, is willing to do anything to make the new girls feel unwelcome.

Sophie gets interviewed by a few of the boys, including the popular-but-still-nice guy TJ. He asks Sophie to come to his party that night, which she considers. Libby and the girls get whiff of this information by Becky (deemed “freshman”) and Libby is determined to get her ex TJ away from the new girl.

At the party, the dim-witted posse of Libby is confused as to the plan of attack. Libby tells them to just keep TJ away from Sophie, who have a cute and sincere conversation on the couch. Simone and Gina pull Sophie away from him by pretending to befriend her. The episode ends as Sophie goes to look for TJ and opens a bedroom door to find two people hooking up. Who could it be?

While the acting is expectingly and inconsequentially amateur, the show has charm. It’s definitely a nice break from some of the overly-manufactured teen dramas today. The show will be sure to draw you in with its story and I can definitely see the potential for a following of young viewers who can relate to the everyday stories of popularity, growing up and first love.