Gabe Sapolsky Blogs On Punk, Black, Patera, And More

The former ROH Booker covers a lot of ground in his latest blog entry. He goes all stream of consciousness, hitting one topic after another. Included are his thoughts on Chikara’s Trios Tourney (he’s looking forward to it), Wrestlemania (he isn’t, due to the build for the title matches), what sold him on CM Punk and Tyler Black as main eventers, when Paul Heyman saw greatness in Steve Corino, and general reminsicing about ECW.

Oh, and he also talks about the time Ken Patera threatened him during a shoot interview when Sapolsky brought up the incident that got him thrown in prison. Spoilers; it was a work.

As always, Saplosky’s blog is well worth a read. You can even find out where Raven got all of those t-shirts he wore in ECW!

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