Requiem For A Vampire – DVD Review


I may be the only person who thinks this, but I cant help watching a Jean Rollin film without feeling like its a huge waste of his talents. This shouldnt come as a surprise to any of you who have read my past reviews of his work, but I think it bears repeating.

Like his other movies, Requiem for a Vampire displays Rollins skilled use of cameras, light, shadow, and atmosphere. Unfortunately he chooses to use his talents in a movie about rape and torture. Two girls barely through their teen years go on a bloody rampage through the French countryside. They stumble upon the lair of a group of vampires who proceed to rape, torture, and brutalize the gun-loving nymphettes, as they are described on the back of the DVD.

On the one hand I suppose I could say that at least nobodys innocent in this movie, but really thats just me grasping at straws to find any kind of value in this work, which, of course, there is none.

All of the talent in the world cant make this more than a cheap excuse to brutalize women. Theres no subtext to the plot; this is not a statement on the beastly nature of man, or some kind of metaphor on the plight of women, its simply a way for people to get their jollies through watching the debasement of women. I understand that thats the point of the Redemption movies—that there is no redemption—but the jokes worn thin, and honestly, it wasnt much of one to start with.

The movie shows its age (1971), but it holds up well. It is presented in Anamorphic 16:9 Widescreen with the sound in stereo. There is only a French language track, but the DVD does have English subtitles.

English Trailer (2:58)

French Trailer (2:59)

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Interview with Actress Louise Dhour (10:07)

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Redemption presents Requiem For A Vampire. Directed by Jean Rollin. Starring Marie Pierre Castel, Mireille DArgent, Philippe Gasté, Dominique, Louise Dhour, Michael Delesalle, Antoine Mosin, Olivier Francois, Dominique Toussaint, Paul Bisciglia. Written by Jean Rollin. Running time: 88 minutes. Rated NR. Released on DVD: February 29, 2009. Available at Amazon.