TNA Impact Spoilers

Full spoilers for Thursday’s episode.

Results come from PWI’s Alex Hernandez.

Opening Interview Segment- After a lot of blah blah and angst involving the MEM, Angle and Sting were booked to take on Jarrett and Foley in the main event.

Scott Steiner wore a hoodie to cover the scars Joe gave him with his knife, or whatever it was that Joe did to him at the PPV.

Team No Limit defeated the Motor City Machine Guns. Beer Money beats them down post match, just in case they might have been getting over. That eventually led to 3D vs. Beer Money for the TNA and IWGP Tag Titles being set up for Lockdown (well, 3D offered to defend the IWGP belts at the show, at least).

Taylor Wilde and ODB defeated Kong and Saeed when Taylor pinned Kong. Cody Deaner saved ODB from a post match beatdown by Kong.

Cornette interviews new Legends Champion AJ Styles. Cornette says it’s a victory for the Front Line against the MEM. Booker interrupts. Sharmell gets the last line for some reason, apparently.

The Governor defeated Madison Rayne. She takes a post match beatdown from the Beautiful People, which leads to Rayne cutting her hair.

Foley and Jarrett defeated Angle and Sting. Sting cut off a Jarrett el kabong on Angle, but took a chairshot from Foley.

Sting challenged Foley for a match at Lockdown. He promised to end Foley’s career while referencing the “Hardcore History” segment where he Foley put over Sting for making it in the first place.

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