WWE Draft Plans & News on Hayes, Dibiase & Sonjay

Michael Hayes has some backstage heat over changes he made to the Smackdown booking plans for the Royal Rumble, which are now said to have harmed long-term plans. He also failed to keep Freddy Prinze Jr on the creative team, which irritated the McMahons as they wanted to use Prinze Jr as a stepping stone for Hollywood projects.

Vince McMahon wants to strengthen Raw in the upcoming draft, which does not bode well for the already limited Smackdown roster. He wants Smackdown to go back to focusing on the Hispanic audience, which all but guarantees a move for Rey Mysterio, as well as developing new stars.

Ted Dibiase Sr (55) has dropped a lot of weight and is training hard with the idea that he could do one more match with his son. His career ended 15 years ago due to a neck injury. He considered returning to action in the 1990s but had an insurance settlement with Lloyd’s of London to collect instead. In an interview with The Sun he said it was the Flair/Michaels match from WrestleMania 24 that made him realise just how much he missed wrestling.

There are rumours that WWE is interested in bringing in Sonjay Dutt after his TNA contract expires on the 22nd March.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 16th March 2009 (subscribe here)

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