ECW Spoilers

Full spoilers for tonight’s episode, including the dark match and a match announced for Wrestlemania (and the Bella Powers exploding because of it).

Thanks to PWI’s Travis Walter for the results

Dark Match: Mike Knox defeated “Hacksaw” Charlie Haas

Shelton Benjamin and Mark Henry defeated MVP and Christian when Shelton hit Paydirt on Christian

In his return match, Evan Bourne defeated Jamie Noble with the Shooting Star Press

Jack Swagger cut a promo about how awesome Jack Swagger is.

Finlay defeated Paul Burchill somehow. I’m guessing a walking stick was involved. The match was set up when Hornswoggle threw food at Katie Lea backstage.

The Colons challenged Miz and Morrison to a Tag Title Unification Match at Wrestlemania on the Dirt Sheet. They accepted. A catfight broke out between the Bellas, and one left with each team. And hey, a catfight on ECW! I bet it won’t be the same with Joey Styles, but still, that’s a nice piece of nostalgia.

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