Gossip Girl – Episode 2-18 Review

It’s time for the school theatre production and as expected, there is more drama going on outside the play. Everyone with the exception of Chuck (who somehow found a way to be diagnosed with actual stage fright) is taking part of the production of “The Age of Innocence.”

Blair finds out Nelly got the only early acceptance to Yale and is in crazy mode. Dan and Rachel are trying to keep a distance, but soon sleep together again. Rufus finds out and shows up at Rachel’s house. Jenny is merely the messenger in this story and a small accessory in this episode as she designs the costumes for the play.

Someone is sending Gossip Girl texts about Blair’s relationship with the Lord as well as Serena’s acceptance ploy into Yale. Blame goes around until we find out it was none other than Rachel. Dan basically dumps her right there. No one messes with his Serena! Nah, he just said that she wasn’t who he thought she was. I think they could have dragged this story out a little longer. I thought Dan and Rachel had some hot chemistry!

Serena is preoccupied with her crush on the pretentious play director Julian. Most of the time she doesn’t even know what he is talking about and she enlists Vanessa’s help. It was hilarious to see Serena try and act smart, and it was kind of nice to see these two act like actual friends.

Nate misconstrues Vanessa trying to help Serena as Vanessa trying to get with Julian. He sees them talking and Nate erupts in the middle of the play, causing a big argument between everyone. Julian panics as the critic looks on from the audience but it turns out he liked the impromptu changes,which he thought were deliberate. Blah, blah, blah.

Chuck’s storyline was all over the place and completely unnecessary. I think they could have found a better way to reintroduce Carter’s character. Instead we get this whole thing with Elle, a girl looking for money and a way out. She uses Chuck and Chuck realizes where his heart is…and ends up showing up at Blair’s house. For what? We have to wait to see.

Too bad for Chuck, Blair is busy flirting with Carter at a bar. Vanessa and Dan make up despite their differences. Rufus forgives Dan and Julian turns out to be gay. All is settled…or is it?

Next episode hopes to be a lot more exciting as we might see a Blair/Nate reunion!