[SPOILERS] Lost – Episode 5-9

Episode 5.09: Namaste
Airdate: March 18, 2009

When some old friends drop in unannounced, Sawyer is forced to further perpetuate his lie in order to protect them.

Jin and Swayer see the first half of the Oceanic 6. The reaction is emotional to the return. Jack talks to Marvin Candle. Juliet and Sawyer are living together.

We have gotten the confirmation that [recurring character Marty Jankowsky] will be played by Eric Lange and that he will appear in at least two episodes. […] As of now it seems like Marty will be a character with off-island scenes.

Marty Jankowsky: 40s to 50s, Caucasian, very smart and controlling. Marty has his own way of doing things and god help you if you cross him and/or try to alter his very precise process. A deep and free thinker he uses his fierce intellect as a weapon. Possible recur.

Jack Ross: 30s, any ethnicity. A former air force bomber pilot who now uses his professional skills and unflappable demeanor to maintain order in a highly chaotic environment. He’s smart, professional and competent. He keeps his wits as those around him in a crisis are losing theirs.

Guest cast: John Terry as Christian Shephard, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Francois Chau as Dr. Marvin Candle, Said Taghmaoui as Caesar, Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana, Reiko Aylesworth as Amy, Sterling Beaumon as young Ben, Patrick Fischler as Phil, Molly McGivern as Rosie, Eric Lange as Radzinsky, Dan Gauthier as co-pilot and Sven Lindstrom as photographer.

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, ABC, Lost Spoilers