Make Movement – Remembering Andrew Martin

I’m still in disbelief and shock over the latest passing in the pro wrestling family with Andrew “Test” Martin. It’s going to be a passing that will always be too fresh in my mind no matter how much time passes, for so many reasons, but I want to first discuss what I most remember about his pro wrestling career.

Growing up, I enjoyed his storyline with Shane McMahon involving Stephanie McMahon. It worked on getting him over with the ladies because he was always a attractive guy, there was something undeniably charming about his smile. Him and Shane worked some brutal and bump-filled matches together and I think of that as the best part of his career. I felt at times that the WWE put him through a lot of unnecessary storylines and ‘characters’ that didn’t serve him, though I thought if anyone made the Test and Albert team work with Trish Stratus, that it worked for what it was.

More personally, what I think about more than anything is the friends Andrew had within the business. I didn’t know him as directly as others, but some of my closest friends were close to him and had nothing but positive things to say about Andrew. The two words associated most with Andrew is “gentleman” and “good.” I believe that wholeheartedly, and I think that what makes this particular person’s death so fresh and hard to accept – we lost a good guy who was turning his life around. He was one of the ones I was looking forward to meeting someday, not because of “who he was” but because of who he is in my memory, a friend of a friend with a good reputation in going out of his way to make someone else happy.

My deepest sympathies to those who were close to him and knew him well. This was the last thing I expected to happen – and I’m saddened if his death gets disregarded under the rug from a true public acknowledgment. I hope the WWE decides to take some time and give him a true real sendoff.

What I will remember most about Andrew is his charming smile and the impact he made on my friends’ lives in a positive matter. Though it feels like you shouldn’t have left us this soon, I know you have the best view of the house – I send you and all those who cared about you nothing but love and appreciation. I wish I had met you in this life because I know the impact you made by the people who you cared for and cared for you in return.

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