The W-Files: Making the Legends/Jericho Angle Better

I’m reviving what used to be a one shot deal before I turned to weekly column writing.  The Wrestling Files, or the W-Files for short is where I take something happening in wrestling today and I put my own spin about it.  Six months ago, this was a replacement to The Marshall Report, but the W-Files lasted for one episode because I decided that I should talk about TNA on a regular basis.  I won’t be doing the W-Files often; only when something is interesting and should be put into a column.  Enjoy this column because I enjoyed putting this together.

Today, I was scouring the internet, minding my own business and I came across a comment about Chris Jericho and the Legend’s angle that came from out of nowhere.  Not only did the comment made a lot of sense, but I actually believe that if Creative would have done it this way, it would have led to a better WrestleMania 25 match than the 3-on-1 Legends v. Chris Jericho match that Jericho suggested.  The comment asked why the WWE couldn’t do a Chavo Guerrero v. Chris Jericho match at WrestleMania 25 instead of the mess that is signed right now.

Recapping the Legend’s Angle

After the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho made it known that the legends in wrestling today are just looking for another payout, that they crave the spotlight.  Ric Flair made a surprise return and he cold-cocked Chris Jericho and that was that.  The following week and beyond, Chris Jerich0 would take out well known legends from Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, and Jimmy Snuka.  Ric Flair would make another appearance a week ago on RAW to cost Chris Jericho the chance to be at Wrestlemania.

Enraged, Chris Jericho would challenge Ric Flair to come out of retirement and face him on the most recent episode of RAW.  Flair had better ideas and he brought out the legends that were embarrassed by Jericho and they gave him a taste of his own medicine.  That was the last straw and Chris challenged all three legends to a handicap match at WrestleMania 25 and he invited Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke to witness the match.

What the Angle Should Do Instead

For all intents and purposes, I’m discarding the part of the angle where Chris Jericho challenged Ric Flair to come out of retirement, but everything before that still occurred.  We begin our fantasy booking on the 03.16.09 edition of RAW.

RAW: 03.16.2009
There is a teaser that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was going to open this week’s RAW to officially announce the last person to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Once the show begins, sure enough the glass shatters and Chris Jericho comes out to a huge chorus of boos and jeers from the fans.  Chris Jericho would mockingly ask if we were expecting somebody else.  He would then criticize how Austin does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because of his actions towards women.  He brings up the real-life drama between Austin and Debra, calling him a wifebeater.  Jericho would say that Eric Bischoff was right and that Austin had no future in the business, that the only reason he became a breakout star was because he took a verse out of John 3:16 and turned it to Austin 3:16.  Chris would bring up how he is a very religious superstar and he found that quote sacrilegious.

The glass shatters once again and the San Antonio audience goes wild as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin comes out to the ring to confront Chris Jericho.  Austin would stun Jericho and drink beer.  (Expecting something different?  Keep in mind Austin can’t really take a bump anymore.)

Infuriated, Chris Jericho tells the fans during a backstage interview that they should be happy about what happened earlier because he didn’t want to do what he is about to do.  Next week on RAW, he would say something that he should had said three years ago.  If the fans didn’t like him now…they will really hate him come next week, but he didn’t care what the fans think.

RAW 03.23.2009
After a WrestleMania Recall clip from WrestleMania XX where we saw Eddie Guerrero successfully defending the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and he talks about that moment.  He would say that WrestleMania XX marked the successful career of Eddie Guerrero, where he retained the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle.  Before Chris Jericho would even talk about Eddie, Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring and she tells Chris to not even go there.  Chris then says this:

“You know Vickie, Eddie has to be rolling in his grave right now.  You were once with a man who had a great career, but you’re in a love triangle with Edge and the Big Show.  The only reason you are even involved with the WWE is because you continue to leech off Eddie’s legacy.  Eddie Guerrero had no right to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame three years ago.  The only reason he was inducted was because it was a pity move.  Eddie is no legend.”

The arena gets quiet as Vickie Guerrero breaks down on the stage.  Chavo Guerrero would make his way to the ring and he would fight off Chris Jericho, sending him over the top rope.  Chavo would get on the microphone and say this:

“JERICHO!  I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish by talking down the legends that pave the way for us to become superstars.  It was alright until you brought my Uncle Eddie into this.  Now, I’m going to make you pay.  At WrestleMania 25, I challenge you to a match!  You spit on the Guerrero Family and on the legends in this business.  I will show you that you are wrong by kicking your ass all over Houston, Texas!  In the words of my late uncle, ‘Viva La Raza!'”

Later on in the show, Vickie Guerrero makes the match official.  At WrestleMania 25, it would be Chavo Guerrero defending the Legend’s honor against Chris Jericho.  Snuka, Steamboat, Piper, and Flair would go up to Chavo and tell him that they will back him at WrestleMania and that Eddie would be so proud of him.  Chavo vows to not disappoint them and he will beat Chris Jericho.

RAW 03.30.09
Six days before WrestleMania, Chris Jericho would make a cameo saying that Chavo Guerrero does not know what he got himself into by challenging him at WrestleMania 25.  Chris Jericho asks if this is some kind of joke; that Chavo does not deserve to play the role of being the defender of legends.  He then vows that when Chavo is defeated, he will not rest until the legends retire once and for all.

In Conclusion

By having Chavo Guerrero be the man to face Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 25 instead of the three legends, the fans would witness a great match since both people have similarly matched styles.  Chavo would be elevated higher with this match and win, lose, or draw; Chavo Guerrero would be a bigger star.  This would be a good match, even if it had two weeks of build to it.

Pulse readers, would you rather see this match?  Or would you rather see Chris Jericho take on Snuka, Steamboat, & Piper in a handicap match?  I want your feedback on this and again, I hope you enjoyed this column.  See you Thursday for Total Nonstop Weekly!

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