10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 03.19.09

01.  Scott Steiner looks pretty goofy with all that mummy tape on.

02.  It looks like the Main Event Mafia is all back together, including the TNA World Champion Sting.

03.  The Motor City Machineguns versus Team No Limit match was pretty good.  It’s sad that Shelley got such a weak run with the X-Division Title; hopefully they can do something substantial with him, the Machineguns, or both.

04.  Try this game with me: since Robert Roode likes money and James Storm likes beer, it makes sense that they should be Beer Money.  So if Robert Roode teamed up with Doink the Clown, they would be Funny Money.  If Robert Roode teamed with Gangrel, they would be Blood Money.  Now you try.

05.  It’s really sad that TNA has resorted to using celebrities like Danny Bonaduce and Jenna Morasca to try and get some press.  I’ve never even heard of the Survivor chick until TNA announced they were going to use her.

06.  Taylor Wilde got an upset pin on Amazing Kong!  Just like she did last year.  They’re running out of ideas in this division.

07.  I’m not really sure what the goal is with Samoa Joe’s “Nation of Violence.”

08.  AJ Styles is the first-ever TNA Grand Slam Champion.  I still think the Legends Title is a stupid concept for a championship.

09.  I understand that Don West is trying to be the heel commentator, but the good heel commentators are the kind who are just realistic (Ventura comes to mind), and don’t just blindly praise the heels.  Maybe with some more practice he can straddle the line better.

10.  I’d love to see what two washed up old men like Foley and Sting can come up with for a pay-per-view main event.  Foley is barely a shell of his former awesome self at this point, it’s just sad.

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