The Office – Episode 5-18 Review

“Truth be told, I think I thrive under a lack of accountability.”

“New Boss” introduces Charles Miner, who fills the job position previously occupied by Jan and Ryan. Michael is threatened by a stranger that has been hired by corporate, and Jim is stuck wearing a tuxedo at work (used earlier in a prank), which draws embarrassing attention from his new superior.

Michael, who believes the visit is simply a meet and greet, welcomes Charles with C-shaped bagels (C for Charles). Charles reveals that Dunder Mifflin is cutting back on spending and that he is actually in Scranton to monitor the branch. As usual, even after reassurance from David Wallace, Michael misinterprets a necessary corporate gesture. He engages in a juvenile competition with Charles. David Wallace ignores Michael’s calls the entire day.

The Party Planning Committee (now consisting of Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Pam) is put on the spot by Charles, who dissolves the committee after overhearing Michael’s plans for his fifteenth anniversary celebration and Jim’s idea for a “two-way petting zoo”. Jim begins to fear for his career.

Michael decides to drive to New York to personally complain to David. Michael tells David that his fifteen years of service are undermined by a new boss who has no previous experience in the paper industry. David eventually agrees to move some money around and give Michael the party that he deserves. Michael, insulted, then quits, saying that David “has no idea how high he can fly.”