10 Thoughts On SmackDown – 20.03.2009



1. So first I’ve got to mention that this is the ‘500th episode’ of Friday Night SmackDown. There was this nice little video package that highlighted some of the better moments across SmackDown’s history, and it got me thinking about how much I miss the days when you knew anything really could happen. You still get the odd moments now, but nothing will top the shocking World title changes that aired on free tv.


2. So Triple H actually semi broke Kayfabe by admitting that there is a ‘business’ side and the ‘on screen’ side of wrestling. I for one always enjoy the blurring of kayfabe and reality, and as Triple H put it, there was no worse kept secret that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s behind the scenes marriage.


3. So yet another loss for Kozlov. Considering the guy was getting one of the biggest pushes this time last month, and now he’s simply a jobber to the stars. There was no doubt that Triple H was going to win the match, but since they simply needed someone to job to the WWE champion, surely they could have got someone with a little less momentum.


4. Your new United States Champion – MVP. I could end the point there since its worthy enough to get a point, but while most people, me included, will see this as well deserved for MVP, you have to consider whether this will dent his chances during the Money in the Bank match. I stated last week that this is the best time for MVP to win that briefcase, but the odds that WWE will actually give MVP the win now are a lot worse now he has the title. Hopefully they see sense, and MVP becomes Mr. Money in the Bank on April 5th.


5. So two RAW wrestlers competing on SmackDown. Usually I’d be pretty annoyed by something like this, but I’ll cut slack being that it makes sense with it being the 500th show. Shawn always needed the win here, because a loss would have simply dampened the big WrestleMania match. What was needed however was an Undertaker appearance. The whole point of the match seemed to be to promote the Undertaker vs. HBK match, and yet we saw nothing from the deadman.


6. So the Hardy brothers match is now Extreme Rules? Now I’ve never been a big fan of stipulation matches at WrestleMania, they just never seem to fit, but this one was needed. With the way the WWE have promoted this match, there was no way I would have believed a match between them where the rules were stuck too.


7. Sad face for The Brian Kendrick. This is another example of great talent being used as job fodder. Jeff didn’t need to win this match through a domination victory. Kendrick deserves a chance to show what he can do, and he, like many others, are never going to get that chance when they’re being squashed week after week.


8. I was surprised by how great the Undertaker vs. John Bradshaw Layfield match was, but it only goes to prove one thing, that when both wrestlers are given the chance, no matter who they are, they can put on a great show just because it becomes believable. I’ve not been a big fan of JBL recently, but I’ve never been able to doubt his in ring performance, because he gives it his all every time he steps in the ring. Once again however, the match lacked interaction between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, even if it was just a stare down.


9. So when I first read the final segment of SmackDown I thought ‘what the hell’. Now, having had another watch of it while writing this I’m still thinking ‘what the hell’. It just seems to me like two wrestlers are fighting over a woman who isn’t even particularly attractive. And when I say that I mean her character. Vickie Guerrero is the most annoying thing on SmackDown, and well the segment made me laugh, it also made me cringe constantly.


10. The feud itself for the World title is becoming very hard to handle. The match  itself – Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show – is not a terrible sounding match at all, in fact I’m looking forward to the match, but having to be put through two more weeks of horrible segments with Edge and Big Show fighting over Vickie Guerrero, and John Cena just making a load of bad jokes doesn’t exactly get be hyped for what is meant to be the biggest night of Wrestling calendar.


So that’s another week of SmackDown action over and done with. I, the not so humble writer thank you reading, and will see you next week.

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