New Wolverine SuperHero Squad Images

Three new Wolverine SuperHero Squad packs have been seen hitting the shelves, and here are the new images of them!

-Wolverine on the Run (Logan w/ Chopper, Victor Creed, & Deadpool)
-Doom of the Dark Beast (Wolverine w/ Motorcycle, Dark Beast, & Havok)
-The Uncanny X-Men (Wolverine, Deadpool, Phoenix, & Sabertooth)

Add these to the previous three:

-Battling the Brotherhood (Wolverine, Blob, Colossus, & Iceman)
-Coming of Apocalypse (Wolverine, Apocalypse, Nightcrawler, & Archangel)
-Hunt for Mr. Sinister (Wolverine, X-23, Mr. Sinister, & Cable)

The Gallery below has been updated with all SIX!!