WWE DotCom Delivery – Week of 03/21/09

The Miz and John Morrison finally got on the Wrestlemania card with tag-team title unification match against the Colons. Give me this match as the opener and that will be the best way to kick off Wrestlemania. On another DotCom Wrestlemania note, a friend of mine is betting on Santino Marella to win the 25 Diva battle royal. It’s so stupid that I can actually see that happening. Here’s the Delivery.

Cryme Tyme kick us off with Word Up. They shill their new t-shirt and teach us the word NANG – cool, tight or epic, or off the chain sick. Well, they don’t really teach it because JTG is busy texting this girl he likes and sending her pictures of him. That was one of the worst editions of Word Up I can remember, and I’ve seen many of them.

After taking a sick day last week, Santino Marella is back with Santino’s Casa. He talks about a Swedish chimpanzee called Santino. Turns out that chimp is so smart that every morning he gathers rocks and later, when people walk by his cage in the zoo, he throws the rocks at them. Some people went as far as saying that this monkey is smarter than Santino Marella. Those people are fools. He moves on to compare some of the WWE superstars to animals, with pictures to prove it and finally he challenges the chimp to a match at Wrestlemania.

After the live one on ECW, Miz & Morrison also present a regular edition of The Dirt Sheet. They present an exclusive interview with the returning Evan Bourne, but sadly that interview is interrupted by Jack Swagger. Miz & Morrison reiterate that they still don’t let nerds hang out in the Palace of Wisdom. I like that policy. They compare Tony Atlas to Shrek and close by showing highlights from the live Dirt Sheet on this week’s ECW.

And finally, Josh Mathews closes the week with the Weekly Top Five. The countdown starts with the Sweet Chin Music that HBK delivered to Undertaker on Raw holding the fifth spot. ECW is making a rare appearance outside the third spot as the live Dirt Sheet is at number four. Triple H abusing Cody Rhodes inside a steel cage holds the number 3 spot. MVP’s US title win over Shelton Benjamin holds second place and finally, Edge vs. Cena from Raw holds this week’s top spot.

This was my final DotCom Delivery before I go on my pilgrimage to Wrestlemania. I’m leaving to the US next weekend so someone else will cover the DotCom for a few weeks. Wrestlemania weekend is all planned for me, with Axxess, the Hall of fame induction ceremony, at least one Ring of Honor show and of course, great seats to Wrestlemania itself. So I’ll be back here in mid April and in the mean time, as The Miz & John Morrison put it, BE JEALOUS.

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