10 Thoughts on RAW – 03.23.2009

Kisses, watch stomping and Dolph Ziggler. 10 THOUGHTS.

1. I was sketchy about the cold opening for Flair until Jericho gave an awesome promo. The beat-down after their altercation was equally awesome. Jericho hit the old man with his own shoe! I don’t get what the symbolism was about the gold watch. Did I miss something or was it just the fact that it was gold and expensive?

2. Hardy and Ziggler told a nice little story in their five minute match. I’m impressed. Ziggler sells like a champion.

3. Jeff Hardy should stick to jumping off ladders and going through tables rather than talk into a microphone. He cannot talk.

4. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this love triangle feud? It’s too soapy.

5. John Cena is starting to get on my good side. I’m sure it’s because he hasn’t been in a real wrestling match for a couple weeks. Either way, these promos with Edge/Show/Vickie prove he’s a damn good entertainer.

6. These MITB tag-team matches are killing my anticipation for the actual MITB match.

7. Rey Mysterio stiffed the hell out of Regal after that stiff knee to the face. I’m starting to respect the little guy. He lost my respect when he started botching a lot and when he did less high-flying moves, but I just think his body is breaking down and he’s trying to find a new style. He is finding it slowly, and his matches are getting better week by week.

8. I was embarrassed to call myself a “wrestling fan” while the Shawn Michaels video was playing. That sh** was horrid.

9. Santino is God and Mickie James is bangin’.

10. HHH getting ‘cuffed to the ropes + Orton DDTing Stephanie + Orton Kissing Stephane + HHH looking sad and helpless, yet angry as hell = The Perfect Closing Segment.

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