24 – Episode 7-15 Review

All of the scenes with the port security guard reminded me of that American Dad bit (the one with Roger’s golden poop), where these virtual nameless characters are given excessively complex and sympathetic backstories in order to create a sense of sadness and urgency when you know their futures are doomed. Although I do have to wonder how Tony feels, knowing that Jack was willing to put the entire mission to hell in order to save said virtual nameless character, while Jack rammed through a fence in escape when he was captured.

Speaking of Tony, I’ve said it countless times this season and I’ll say it again: I love how he’s constantly so sketchy with his voice pattern, choice of words, and facial expressions. Despite the fact that he’s constantly come to Jack’s aid and consistently prevented terrorist attacks, it’s still a very effective way of making us wonder, β€œIs this guy up to something? Is he on the level?”

And also, does he even know that Bill’s dead? I can’t recall if Jack ever actually revealed that nugget of information.

Did anybody else catch Ethan taking a photo out of a frame when he was packing up his office? If so, does anybody find it odd that he doesn’t appear to own the frame? What sort of office – even at the White House – provides frames?

Speaking of Ethan, I enjoyed his conversation with Moss. I liked how he came to the realization that all of the weight on his shoulders is not because of Olivia’s backstabbing, and that he made plenty of really bad decisions all on his own.

I don’t have much to say about the whole presidential story arc (daughter is a bitch), but I will say that it was nice that her husband survived his surgery. There are so few instances of happy endings, particularly with minor characters and spouses, so this was a nice, brief scene. Of course, there’s still plenty of time for him to die.

I will say this about the president, though. At least she asked the obvious question regarding Jack: After all he has done, why would he just start going out and murdering people. I mean, I know that all signs point to him, but shouldn’t somebody be asking that fairly understandable question? I do continue to enjoy Moss, though, and was glad that he began putting together the pieces of how this doesn’t really make much sense. I was a bit surprised that he didn’t ask why Jack would shoot Mayer right at the doorway, and then decide to leap out of the window to make his escape.

And what is the deal with Walker? She’s CONSTANTLY asking Moss to just trust her and to give her all the leeway in the world. Yet she’s totally resistant towards giving him that same right? I’ve been pretty light on her this season, but she did piss me off a bit this episode.

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