Broken Road – Episode 1-2 Review

After experiencing several computer glitches, I finally got to watch the second episode of Broken Road. The actors have definitely seemed to fall more into their roles as the somewhat awkward and stiffer performances of the first episode have worn off a bit.

We left off at the party when Sophie accidentally walks in on a makeout session. But who was it between? We were expecting it to be TJ and Libby, but it turned out to be Travis and Gina.

But wait, Sophie does walk in on TJ and Libby kissing. Libby doesn’t want him back, but just doesn’t want anyone else to have him so she kisses him in front of Sophie on purpose. Sophie storms off and TJ tries to apologize, but she reminds him that he doesn’t owe anything to her because they just met. It is obvious both are still upset.

Chloe is hanging out with Ruby and runs into Tommy whose girlfriend Becky is driving him crazy. Tommy and Chloe have a cute but serious little conversation before it is interrupted. These two have nice chemistry and I can see something blooming in future episodes.

Chloe decides to start drinking. Sophie finds her and wants to take her home because she is acting like a “drunken slut.” Chloe slaps her in front of everyone and Sophie storms out.

Jesse finds Chloe a mess after she pukes all over TJ. Jesse and TJ take Chloe to go play “skunk,” which is explained as hide and seek with cars. Sounds like fun…anyway, Chloe wakes up and freaks out when she finds herself between two sleeping guys. She calls Sophie to come get her and cries in her arms, scared something may have happened between her, TJ and Jesse.

Too be continued…