Gossip Girl – Episode 2-19 Review

While this week’s episode was a little boring, it was nice to see Nate have an actual storyline.

Nate runs into his cousin Tripp who is engaged and invites him to a family reunion, something Nate initially thinks is a bad idea considering his family abandoned him when the whole thing went down with his father. But, being the good girlfriend Vanessa convinces him to reach out to his family, a decision she might regret making…

Blair is in a downward spiral after her rejection from Yale and ends up in the company of Carter, much to the dismay of Chuck. “He can’t be any worse than you,” Blair tells him. Ouch. Serena is determined to help Chuck save Blair from the hands of Carter and blackmails him into leaving the country.

Nate and Vanessa argue over summer plans they made to travel. Tripp informs Vanessa of a internship Nate was offered in the mayor’s office. She tells him she doesn’t think that’s what he wants, but he announces in front of everyone that he is happily accepting the internship, effectively ending their summer together. Vanessa confides in Jenny and Dan about whether it meant they were over or not.

Dan hangs out with Nate and his family most of the episode. He has a short conversation with Serena after she slaps him. It looks like Blair told her about Dan and Ms. Carr hooking up in a costume closet. This little scene made it all the more apparent that these two are much more interesting when they aren’t together.

Blair goes to the Archibald party and gets ridiculously drunk and begins insulting party guests. Chuck tries to save her, but she doesn’t want to be saved. They kiss, but Chuck doesn’t want this Blair. She tells him she won’t ever be the Blair he wants her to be.

She ends up having a questionable conversation with Nate about their past. With all the subtext, it is hard to see where this is going. The chemistry between these two is still evident and in true Gossip Girl-style, I’m sure we will get at least a brief reunion. It’s like musical chairs, but with people.

Chuck and Serena find Blair at a house begging to be granted admission to Sarah Lawrence, which unsurprisingly ends up not working out. Chuck pays a late-night visit to her, only to be turned away by Derota. Chuck finds Nate’s jacket though…and upstairs we see Nate and Blair contemplate spending the night together. Uh oh.

Oh and if anyone cares, Lily and Rufus argue over how many past lovers they’ve had. Boring…

The episode really just confused the hell out of me. Every time I begin to start liking a couple, they switch partners. I don’t know who I like together anymore. But, I do know that it should make for an interesting rest of the season.