Heroes – Episode 3-20 Review

What was with all the shaving references in the first five minutes of the episode? We had an elongated scene in which the Hunter shaves, and then we had HRG with nicks on his face from shaving gone awry. I’m sure there was some sort of symbolism there, but I think they were perhaps trying too hard, and as a result the meaning was lost. Speaking of the Hunter’s shaving routine, does anybody even actually shave like that anymore? Like, using the powder and brush? And manually installing a fresh razor? I’m legitimately intrigued. If you still do this, or know anybody that does, let me know.

Tracy was awfully forgiving to Mohinder, wasn’t she? Does she not remember how this guy put her in a cocoon?

By the way, Micah as Rebel? Worst kept secret ever. They created a legitimate mystery here, and they blew it all by including the actor’s name in the opening credits! Take a page out of Lost and 24’s book and save the guest appearance credit for the end of the episode. That being said, it was nice how the usually cold (yeah yeah, pun intended) Tracy showed compassion and care towards Micah.

I’m confused, though, does the blinking at the end mean that Tracy didn’t actually die? While I was beginning to warm up to her character near the end (yeah yeah, another intended pun), I really think it would be best if she was written off at this point. Along with that, this show needs to be more decisive about killing off central, original characters (or, in this case, original actors). I will say this, Ali Larter has been a pretty good sport. For whatever reason, they just couldn’t find a character that works for her. And that says something, considering she’s played about three different characters.

One more note on Micah: Why would he want Claire to save the Puppet Master? Why put her and her family in such a dangerous situation? And, for that matter, who was the mystery person who caught the Puppet Master? And how has Micah dodged getting caught?

Also, is Daphne dead now also? I’m a bit disappointed if she is, because I honestly feel like her character is far more interesting than Parkman’s. That being said, their “good bye” was sweet. I do have to wonder why he would fake their break up, though, especially when their fight was about him comparing her to his ex-wife.

While it was completely bad ass seeing Ando’s best Ryu impression, I kinda sorta cringed when Hiro got his abilities back. For what it was, I thought the scene was shot and scripted nicely, I just hate the idea of them reusing that time traveling crutch. And I’m also tired of Hiro coming up with these silly reasons for not using his abilities all the time. And, really, why WOULDN’T he use this power in any perilous situation?

It was a lot of fun seeing the typically very confident and in control Angela so frazzled, helpless, and frantic. It was also nice how she assumed Peter would be the one who wouldn’t forgive her, yet he was the one who came to his rescue.

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