One Tree Hill – Episode 6-18 Review

I had high hopes for this week’s episode, but unfortunately it was a bit of a let-down. The show opened in a Sims-inspired world, which had me confused. I know they’ve been trying different things creatively, but I think we all love if they’d stick with the old.

Lucas and Peyton had very little screen time together after the emotional rollercoaster last week. As they come out of the hospital together, they see Dan waiting for his heart.

“I’m getting a heart.”

“It’s about time,” says Lucas with a smirk. Hah, I love it.

Haley is still on probation and the principal says she can return to teaching if she issues an already-typed apology and admits she was wrong by publishing Sam’s essay. Obviously, she’s having trouble with this and turns to Nathan. He says she will do the right thing.

In the most ridiculous scene since a death-by-ice cream cone in Dawson’s Creek, Dan’s heart is eaten by a dog who just so happens to be in the hospital. Are they serious? I mean, I get the possible irony of something so stupid ruining Dan’s chances of living, but seriously?!?

Jamie and Lucas visit Quentin’s grave while Peyton talks to her mom. Lucas reminds her that he doesn’t want to see anyone else he loves in that cemetery. Meanwhile, Jamie asks Lucas who killed his Uncle Keith. “Ask your grandpa.”

And he does. As Dan struggles to say goodbye, he admits to Jamie that he killed Keith. Dan also shows up at the rivercourt and tells his sons that he is proud that they became the men he could never be. I always like to see Lucas/Nathan scenes. Keep ’em coming!

The studio has officially shut Lucas’ movie down after Julian’s father was fired. While everyone is wallowing, Reese is just happy he is still getting paid.

Speaking of Julian, my heart goes out to the guy. He has told Brooke many times that he loves her, and she’s still hiding out. She gets in a huge fight with Sam and Julian makes amends between the two. But, he also reveals that he is heading back to L.A. for good. Brooke is obviously distraught, but doesn’t have the courage to ask him to stay.

Haley ends up walking out of her classroom after refusing to apologize. She makes a little speech about staying truthful to your beliefs and makes a grand exit. Looks like she is on board full-time with Mia’s album, which the label execs aren’t liking at the moment.

Like I said, the episode was a weak one in terms of writing. But, a hell of a lot happened. We saw the movie fail, Haley quit, Brooke and Julian break up, Dan lose his heart and Lucas and Peyton continue the struggle of the looming and dangerous pregnancy. The season is winding down!

And in One Tree Hill-related news, it looks like Chad has not been asked to return for the 7th season. This fan-shot video appeared on YouTube recently amidst rumors that Chad was the one who didn’t want to return. He tells some fans that they don’t want him back because of budgetary reasons. Interesting. This comes after Hilarie’s ambiguous video about her future with the show. I don’t really know what to believe, but I do know that there is going to be an outrage if they write out the two main characters. What are they thinking?!?