Sports Illustrated Covers Lesnar, MMA/Wrestling Connection

Sports Illustrated’s Jon Wertheim has a piece on UFC Champion Brock Lesnar. As a retrospective of his life thus far, it does cover his WWE run, including his thoughts on why he quit:

For someone with Lesnar’s taste for honest competition, the prearranged outcomes in the WWE were frustrating. “I’d put on the best damn show I could, and that’s where the competition came from,” he says. “If I couldn’t beat you, I wanted to outperform you. But that gets old.” So too did the 250 nights a year on the road. “It’s a traveling f—— circus,” Lesnar says with an ursine growl. “At first I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t born to be a pro wrestler. You spread yourself so thin, you end up bitter.”

Wertheim also notes UFC’s WWE-esque promotion of Mir/Lesnar 2.

Also at SI is a rundown of wrestlers who’ve made the jump to UFC, including former WWE star and NWA Champion Dan Severn.

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