TNA News: Kurt Angle On Howard Stern Highlights

What Angle had to say on Stern.

The following comes from a recap by PWI’s Mark Rosenthal:

Stern asked Angle about his falling out with Vince McMahon, saying that he wanted to go to rehab but Vince wanted him to stay on the road to get ECW off the ground. He said Vince wanted him to get clean without rehab.

He went in to his divorce with Karen Angle, and accused her of cheating on him with someone in TNA before criticising her prowess in the bed room. Then he hit on Stern’s sidekick, Robin Quivers, which included reading her a poem and asking her on a date. Oh, and talk about his size. She said yes to the date. He’s also dated Rhaka Khan since divorcing Karen.

Finally on the Kurt Angle sex life chronicles, he talked about his seven hour makeout session with a transsexual. Angle threatened to kill her if he saw her again.

Then the Iron Sheik called in, which led to a shouting match and more death threats, this time from Sheik.

Then there was more with Robin, who thought Angle’s hitting on her was a bit but took it seriously when he started hitting on her. Stern promised there would be a date.

A plug for Lockdown was thrown in there somewhere. Angle apparently stuck around after his interview to work the phones and hang out with the staff, so there may be more to come here.

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