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American Idol – Episode 8-23 Review | Inside Pulse

American Idol – Episode 8-23 Review

Motown is the theme of tonight. That’s right. A night to see the kids tackle the music of Detroit before Iggy and the Stooges torched the skyline. Ryan reminds us of Alexis getting the axe. Randy hated to see Alexis go. Really? Cause he forgot her name when she was on the chopping block. Anyone check Randy’s clip out on E!’s The Soup? Simon babbles on about what the contestants must do to make the Motown songs original. 

We get a presentation about the 50th Anniversary of Motown. Berry Gordy gives us the rundown of Hitsville. They show us all the legends that recorded for the label. This mean this is the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson busting out the Moonwalk on the Motown 25th Anniversary show. Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson chat with the kids at the Hitsville museum. Smokey returns to the Idol mansion in Los Angeles to mentor the kids. Why does Smokey’s new haircut and baggy clothes make him look like he’s auditioning for Boondocks Come Alive

Matt Giraud does the piano thing for Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” This is serious getting nasty music. It’s nice, but I’m not ready to hump away to Matt’s vibes. He does grab the mic and move away from the piano stool. Randy likes the run he did at the end. Kara gives “yahhhh.” She wants to get it on. She rates it a solid performance. Paula is happy he is comfortable behind the piano and getting up from the keys. She likes his tasteful riffing. Simon thought it’s a brilliant choice of song. His voice suits the song. Simon declares him a front runner in the competition.

Ryan tells us how the iTunes of tonight’s competitors will feature them singing with the original instrumental tracks.

Kris Allen has also gone Gaye with “How Sweet It Is.” Smokey is liking his rehearsal. Time to see how he does with a crowd on the big stage. Kris has the acoustic guitar. He’s got it going bouncey, but there’s a few nasty feedback squeals. It’s nice and sounds like an arrangement Glen Campbell would have on a variety show. Paula is up and clapping to the music. This really has a Jason Mraz vibe. Kara says he didn’t do it as Marvin Gaye or James Taylor. Kara is impressed at how he got it. Paula likes seeing him come into his own. She thinks his final note was brilliant. Simon thinks it was smart that he did his version of the song. Simon then goes into a weird “you got to believe in yourself” spiel. Why’s he hung up on being conceited this season? Randy declares it’s all good. Simon and Ryan’s back and forth about the topic self-confidence kills the show faster than Clive Davis wandering onto the stage during last year’s finale.

Scott MacIntyre has to be true to himself without losing the pianos. His pink pants are an extreme risk along with the paisley shirt. Scott previews his very slow version of “You Can’t Hurry Love” by the Supremes. Scott says that he’s single and he’s waiting for the person that’s the perfect fit. Is he begging to hang with the Jonas Brothers? The opening lines sound like the Jacksons’ “She’s Outta My Life.” But then it jumps up. Although Scott’s voice is way too squeaky clean. He ought to be joining the Osmonds in Las Vegas. When he does a quick piano solo, it really leaves me wanting to hear more. Paula feels he did bring something different by having the back up singers next to his piano. Simon was not pleased. He mentions the lyric of “How much more can you take?” He thinks it was the wrong song and a mess. “It actually was cheap,” Simon demeans. He thinks all of Scott’s choices are bad. Randy doesn’t agree with Simon often, but he is today. Randy doesn’t think he took enough risks. It was just very average. Kara liked that he brought tempo to the song. She thinks he didn’t execute the liberties with the song. Nobody commented on his pink pants? There’s a woman standing up behind Simon and talking to someone in the crowd. Paula is getting pissed at Simon. She digs out a box of 64 crayons and a coloring book and slams it in front of the black brooder. He’s not amused.

Scott jokes about his pink pants. Simon attempts to apply a crayon to Paula’s face. How come network TV doesn’t have rules about creating a hostile workplace?

Now we get to see Smokey staring at Megan Joy Corkrey. She’s going to warble Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life.” Smokey calls her one of the most original contestants in the history of the show. Guess Smokey never saw William Hung. She’s so utterly Vegas in this off pitch version. She’s wearing a blue silky dress that looks like a cocktail waitress at a sassy seafood raw bar. If Simon likes this performance, he really needs to be investigated by Congress. Randy declares his mad love for her and the outfit. “Dude, that song was a trainwreck for me,” he admits. He thinks it was too fast for her jazzy styling. Kara thinks she should have done “My Guy.” The song dominated her. Paula goes on about Megan’s stunning beauty. The camera loves her. That’ll help when Megan appears on America’s Next Top Model. Simon gives the bad news that it was horrible. “Whomever is advising you should get fired,” buzz cut declares. He fears Megan Joy will get the axe. But I’ll be Simon will burn the save for his tattooed love doll. She’s already on the tour so even if she gets booted, she’ll still be in the Idol mansion. Simon won’t have to say goodbye.

Tyra Banks is in the Hannah Montana movie. How will America survive this? How come Hannah Montana doesn’t have an afro wig? Fringe returns April 7. Mark your calendars accordingly.

Ryan asks if I’ve heard my favorite Motown song. Nope. 

Anoop Desai gets Smokey extra excited by picking “Ooh Baby Baby.” He gets the history from the writer. Anoop goes with the collegiate look. He’s getting soft and slow jammy with the song. Is he working the lilt? Paula is rocking in her chair. Or maybe Simon is throwing crayons at him. He works at holding those long notes. Kara declares it a beautiful song and hard. She thinks he did well. She thinks he can sing. She wants him to push it more. Paula wants to see more confidence. The phrasing and delivery and falsetto are spot on. Simon declares it was a great vocal. But he thinks Anoop was falling asleep on stage. Randy wants to see it turned up instead of the ballad singing Anoop Dog. He wants the party brought on. Randy sees him up with the top of the boys.

Osbournes Reloaded come on next Tuesday? How long is it going to be? I just looked it up for you folks. The first episode will only be 30 minutes. Well that will cut back on the amounts of Depends Ozzy will need to bring to the studio.

Michael Sarver had to skip the Detroit visit because he was sick. He did get to spend time with Smokey to bust apart “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by The Temptations. He wants to take it to church. Is Sarver Amish? He opens loud on the stage. He does goofy strut walking. He’s working his big voice to keep it from sounding whiney as he’s begging that woman to not leave him. We get to see the drummer working the loft. Paula finds it a tough performance because it came off Las Vegas lounge. She feels the songs and “A” notes weren’t working. She feels really sad to have to say it. Simon couldn’t wait for it to end. He couldn’t take the screaming and shouting. He declares Michael has no chance of winning. Randy thinks the song was too big for him because he’s not a real R&B kinda do. Kara thinks the competition is no longer about singing, but artistry. Who is he as an artist? Sarver knows he’s set for the tour so he can’t get too nasty. Simon wants him to get shafted to save his precious Megan Joy.

In a related note, Uriel Jones recently passed away at 74. He was last of the three drummers that dominated Motown’s Funk Brothers. He drummed on “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.” How would he react to the iTunes track of Sarver singing with his beats? 

Lil Rounds is going for “Heatwave” by Martha and the Vandellas. She might have the voice to pull it out. Smokey and her bond over the emotional legacy of Motown. They share a tear. She’s wearing a fringe dress that pays respect to the song’s era. She’s got the big voice in full force. Randy thinks the end of the song was cool. The front of the song didn’t work for him. Kara thinks she looks great. She felt it was supposed to be Lil’s weeks. She picked the wrong song and stayed too true to what the song was. She heard screaming. Paula disagrees with Kara. Paula heard a classic song for the first time. Simon feels it was an authentic tribute to Motown. He feels the song didn’t give her a moment. At least he didn’t call her Little.

The local station here in Raleigh discovered Anoop had acted in one of their shows made for kiddies. They’ll have footage during the 10 p.m. news. They might have the vintage video up at wral.com.

What advice could Smokey have for Adam Lambert? It might have to do with mascara. Lambert is tackling Smokey’s “Tracks of My Tears.” The originator is happy that Lambert is keeping it soft and tender. Lambert performs with a minimal acoustic group. He’s slicked his hair back so he looks like a young Kurt Russell. He is keeping it soft without overplaying the range. He’s going for emotion over big notes and runs. He lets it fade. Smokey stands up and gives him a big thumbs up. Kara stands up and applauds. “One of the best performances of the night,” she declares. Paula sees him as an exciting artist. Simon disagrees with Kara. “It was the performance of the night,” Simon barks out. He’s emerged as a star. Randy says from day one he thought Lambert had the knack. He drops the bomb. Lambert looks ready to appear on a revival of Hairspray on Broadway in the sharkskin suit.

Danny Gokey prepares “Get Ready” by the Temptations. He wants a song that will get people up and moving. He’s not going for the tearjerker. Smokey gets Danny to put back a section of the song. He does a real mentor gig instead of giving the Randy Travis eye raise. He hits the stage ready to party. He mixes it up with the background singers. They just lost a couple seconds of audio here. Anyone else take a volume hit? Kara and Paula are dancing around at the table. They’re ready for the Gokey. Paula undeniable, identifiable. Simon thinks it was fumbling and amateurish. Randy liked the energy. Kara loved his personality although it was only a good performance. 

The last performance of the night Allison Iraheta crooning the Temptations’ “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” Is the third time the charm for the Temptations. She works her growl on the lyrics. She’s going for the fierce level. After being in the bottom three last week, she’s cranking up the attitude. The last night is a keeper. Kara is up and pointing at her. Randy says she’s the dopest singer of the season. Kara begs America to vote for her. Simon has drawn on Paula’s face with a crayon. She praises, but has to cover her face. Simon likes her. Kara rubs  Paula’s face clean of crayon. 

Now we get the recap. Who made Motown their town? And who gets the opening slot of the tour?

Big Timers: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta & Anoop Desai

Fine For the Night: Lil Rounds, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen &; Matt Giraud.  

Bottom Three: Michael Sarver, Megan Joy Corkrey & Scott MacIntyre.

The one who should get sent packing is Megan Joy. But between Simon’s lust for her and the Vote for the Worst crowd, she might survive another week. Michael Sarver has the best chance after her since he’s gotten on Simon’s nerves.

Tomorrow night has the promise of Stevie Wonder doing a medley of all his hits that the kids didn’t butcher.