Smallville – Episode 8-17 Review

During Lana’s (sigh) extended story arc, I complained about the lack of Lois (amongst other atrocities). Then last week we were sans Ms. Lane as well. In this latest episode, however, we had an essential double dosage of the sassy reporter!

While I have criticized this show for repeatedly relying on certain plot devices (amnesia anybody?), I will admit to being a real sucker for the body switching episodes. It’s just a lot of fun seeing the actors playing another actor playing their character (the gold standard, of course, is “Transference”). And, not surprisingly, Erica Durance hit a homerun with this one.

A lot of credit goes to the writers as well, as I was really pleased with the generally subdued references regarding Clark’s interest in Lois. First there was the fact that he took phone calls from Lois when he couldn’t even find the time to call his best friend (highly uncharacteristic), then there was the framed list she made for him, and finally there was my favorite: The gooey-eyed gaze he gave her when she tripped on the curb. Lois/Chloe’s facial expression when she saw the look was great as well, as was her realization that he had never looked at her (meaning Chloe) like that before.

By the way, you had to love the way Clark completely deflected Chloe’s comment about his obvious romantic interest in Lois at the conclusion of the episode?

I did get a kick out of what a hilarious and oblivious square Clark is when he doesn’t realize he’s extraordinary. The rooftop scene was especially enjoyable (“Lois! We’re not supposed to be up here!” and “this handle needs better maintenance” stand out, as does Lois’ slapstick attempt to hit him with a lead pipe).

I’m not entirely familiar with the JLA mythos, so the Watchtower thing at the end wasn’t this hugely awesome moment for me. But the background music kicked ass, so it was still pretty damn cool.

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