The Office – Episode 5-19 Review

“Surprisingly there is a very big difference between Michael trying and Michael not trying.”

“Two Weeks” sees Michael in his last days at Dunder Mifflin, now spending most of his time on the job drunk on scotch and Splenda. Meanwhile, Charles Minor has begun interviews for the regional manager position and Pam struggles with setting up a new copier.

After a very short job hunt (Michael contacts Prince Paper only to find that they were forced to shut down), Michael decides to start his own paper business. Jim and Pam attempt to discourage him as his knowledge of a declining industry will be useless outside of Dunder Mifflin.

Michael tries to lure others into his business plan, but a piece of stationary with “Michael Scott Paper Company” taped across the top draws Charles’ attention and he is escorted from the building.

“You know what? I had a great time at prom and no one said yes to that either.”

Michael absence, albeit short, is felt by a few. Andy describes the office as “darker” without Michael. Even Toby says that Michael made the day seem shorter.

He sneaks back in the office building soon after leaving the parking lot and tries to convince all of his former employees to follow him to their promising future. Pam seems touched by Michael’s assertion that none of them are trying to be their best at Dunder Mifflin. Charles reaches his boiling point at this and scares him away after threatening physical violence.

Pam gets up and leaves after him, agreeing to a salesperson position at Michael’s paper company. Their enthusiastic grins fade as they walk outside.

After the personnel change, Charles appoints Kevin as the new receptionist and Stanley as the “productivity czar”.