Honky Tonk Man Plans To Confront Ric Flair

Why does Honky want to confront Ric Flair, and what is he planning to do when he does?

The first news post on the Honky Tonk Man’s went under the header of “Honky Tonk Man To Whip Ric Flair’s A**”

Honky’s sore about comments Flair made about him in his book, To Be A Man (on page 135, to be precise) and plans to confront him. His first chance to confront Flair will be tonight in Conneticut; Honky promised to follow him all the way to Wrestlemania if Flair ducks him from now until the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, where they’ll both be doing inductions (Honky will be inducting Koko B. Ware).

Honky went on to clairfy in his second news post that he wouldn’t disrupt ‘Mania or the HOF Ceremony, as he’s humbled to be involved, and that he’ll settle his grievance with Flair off camera.

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