Pulse Wrestling’s Real-time Smackdown Report 03/27/2009

Mr. Marshall has been filling in for the last two weeks – Thank you, Mr. Marshall! – and I have some catching up to do. For the perfect end to your week, follow along with Pulse Wrestling as we continue to travel down the road to Wrestlemania…


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Eight Man MIBT Tag Team Match: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, M.V.P and “The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry vs. Christian, “The Big Red Machine” Kane, “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin and Finlay

Kingston and Christian start off the match. Kingston tags in Punk, Christian takes CM Punk down and tags in Finlay. Punk tries for the GTS but Kane stops it and Finlay and Kane have a disagreement and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, CM Punk is getting worked over by Benjamin but Punk tags in Henry and Kane gets the tag from Shelton. Porter tags himself in and Kane tags in The Gold Standard. The live audience gets behind Montel and he comes off the ropes but Shelton takes him down and Kane gets the tag. CM Punk gets the tag from M.V.P. who comes out fighting. Punk springboards off the top rope, gets caught in a choke slam and Kane covers for the three.

Winners: Kane, Finlay, Shelton Benjamin and Christain via pinfall

This was not a bad opening match if you don’t take into consideration the short duration and the commercial break during the match. After the match, there is a war inside and outside of the ring in a free for all brawl. Christian grabs a ladder and climbs up after the briefcase hanging over the ring but Hornswoggle and Finlay tip the ladder over and Christian goes out to the floor taking out the workers outside. The landing looked a little rough.on Christian. Finlay climbs the ladder and takes the briefcase. After we are reminded about Randy Orton’s shocking behavior, we go to commercial break. .

Two on One Handicap Match: Jesse and Festus vs. Big Show

Festus goes after Show as the referee calls for the bell but he doesn’t last large against Show. Festus gets tossed out of the ring and Festus feels the wrath of Big Show including some heavy chops to the chest. Festus ends up on the floor but makes it back into the ring. Festus nails Show with a kick, covers but can’t get a one. Festus gets dropped with a big fist, Jesse gets choke slammed and Big Show gets three.

Winner: Big Show via pinfall.

It was a squash match. JR introduces a video of 12 Rounds, John Cena’s new movie and we go to commercial break.

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Jim Ross gives us a run down of the battle going on between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy including Matt screwing Jeff out of the Heavyweight Championship. Matt is backstage with a puppy that resembles the dog that Jeff lost when his house burned down. I hope Matt was smart enough to get the Jack Russell Terrier from his local Jack Russell Terrier Rescue group. Matt delivers a speech about his brother being a selfish child.

Rey Mysterio and we go to commercial break

vs. Chavo Guerrero

We are reminded that Mysterio will face JBL for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania 25. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins with wrestling but Chavo ends up going through the ropes to the floor and then Rey baseball slides himself out to take down Guerrero with a flying head scissors. Chavo delivers a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle, covers and gets two. Guerrero has Mysterio in the tree of woe, Chavo charges, Rey gets out of the way and Guerrero nails the corner post. Face plant by Guerrero, cover and gets two. Mysterio misses the 619 as Chavo gets out of the way and Guerrero delivers two of the three amigos, a back suplex, climbs to the top but misses the frog splash as Rey rolls out of the way. Myterio nails the 619, flying frog splash off the top, covers and gets the three.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall

This was the best match of the night so far. It was nice to see to workers battle each other in the ring. After the match, John Bradshaw Layfield appears to lay out Mysterio. John Cena reads a poem to Vickie Guerrero about “The Rated R Superstar” Edge and Big Show and we go to commercial break.

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John Cena enters the ring to talk to the audience about Wrestlemania in Houston, Texas. After declaring that he would win the title in his match against Edge and Big Show, Big Show comes to the ring to dispute his claim and to challenge Cena to a match on Monday night Raw which John accepts. As Show starts out of the ring, Cena grabs his leg and sends him to the floor the hard way. Jim Ross introduces a video clip of what happened Monday night on Raw between Orton, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and we go to commercial break.

R-Truth vs. Matt Hardy

The referee calls for the bell and Matt is planning on making this a beat down versus a wrestling match. Hardy works to build his new heel image but Truth keeps the match flowing. R-Truth misses an ax kick, Matt delivers the Twist of Fate, covers and gets three.

Winner: Matt Hardy

This was not a bad match but it was too short and most of the commentating during the match focused on the Hardy brothers’ feud. JR introduces a video of Undertaker and “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels on Monday night Raw with Michaels appearing in a cemetery. HBK says he will break Taker’s winning streak at Wrestlemania.

Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match: Brie Bella and Primo and Carlito and we go to commercial break.

Nikki Bella, John Morrison and The Miz

Primo and Miz begin the match, Morrison gets the tag and Primo manages to tag in Carlito. John and Miz attempt to double team Carlito but it backfires and Primo comes in to help. The two girls get into it, Carlito catches Morrison in a backstabber, covers and gets the three.

Winners: Carlito, Primo and Brie Bella via pinfall.

Nice match, too short for anyone to do very much in the ring. Carlito and Primo are looking very good as a tag team and it would be nice to see them become the “Unified” Tag Team champions and we go to commercial break.

Kid Rock will perform at Wrestlemania 25. Jeff Hardy is backstage and he has some nice ink! He is addressing his brother, Matt. He says Matt is right, they are not brothers. And there will be slight delay in publication of this report as the Word Press site appears to be down. Ross introduces “Orton’s law” and again we see the match from Monday night Raw and we go to commercial break.

Diva’s Championship Match: Maryse © vs. Michelle McCool

:Furing the match, Gail Kim appears to take out both women in the ring. She grabs the belt and holds it up over her head.

Winner: No one.

It is nice to see Gail Kim back but I am surprised she is involved with the Diva’s Championship versus the Women’s Championship. We see another video of the John Cena movie, 12 Rounds. Ross informs us we will see Shawn Michaels Tribute to the Undertaker and we go to commercial break.

“Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, dressed in an outfit like Undertaker’s but all in white, along with fake smoke, comes to the ring, takes off his hat and smiles at the fans. Chants of HBK begin and then Michaels begins his “tribute” to Taker. Michaels says that The Dead Man walks in the shadows while Shawn thrives in the spotlight. His parody is similar to the Lord’s Prayer for those non-religious persons watching. More fake smoke and then HBK’s entrance theme begins so that he can strip out of his outfit but Taker comes through the mat and has Michaels by the leg. The Dead Man goes for the choke slam but Shawn makes it over the top rope and heads up the entrance ramp as Taker draws his thumb across his throat. Tazz informs us that HBK has gotten into Undertaker’s head. Wrestlemania 25 is one week from this Sunday!+

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