Vince McMahon Calls TNA “reprehensible”, Dixie Carter Responds

Vince slams TNA, Dixie fires back.

Vince McMahon said that he thought some of TNA’s content was “reprehensible”, and said they should get with the times and move to PG programming instead of TV-14, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter earlier this week. He went on to justify recent angles like Orton home invasion in the face of his criticism of TNA, basically saying that because sledgehammers and steel chairs aren’t household items, it’s okay to have people beaten with them in angles.

Dixie Carter responded in an interview with the UK Sun. She didn’t pass up the opportunity to point out the content on RAW she finds reprehensible:

“And I agree with him that things such as the brutal beating of a sixty-year-old man, a vicious home invasion and gratuitous man-on-woman violence can be seen as reprehensible – and that’s just the last three Monday nights.”

She also said it was “wonderful” that Vince watches TNA, which is a pretty great line.

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