10 Thoughts on TNA iMPACT! – 03.26.09


  1. Jeff Jarrett is just about the lamest babyface of all-time.
  2. I have nothing against Kiyoshi, but why is he getting his second shot at the X-Division Title in three weeks?  He didn’t do anything to earn that shot either and now he’s already got another one?  I do like title defenses on TV, but you can build them up still.
  3. I actually like the way they’ve built up the Beer Money versus Team 3D match, in theory, but I just hate Team 3D and everything about who they are and what they do.
  4. Why does Mick Foley insist on wearing clothing that has fringe on it?  Does he realize what an idiot he looks like?
  5. So last week Taylor Wilde pinned Kong (again, just like last summer), and to follow up on that they have Kong team with Raisha Saeed to take on the Beautiful People.
  6. Don West successfully utters the phrase “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” which is something the 43rd President of the United States was never able to do.
  7. It was completely unnecessary and erroneous for Foley to claim that “no one is talking about that other show in April anymore.”  Does this guy have any respect for the fact that WWE is responsible for everything he has in his life right now?  And aside from that, I would LOVE to compare buy rates for both of the April pay-per-views, and just see who comes out on top.  Foley used to be one of my favorite wrestlers, but watching him now is beyond frustrating and disappointing.
  8. Abyss and AJ starting the gauntlet reminds me of the awesome matches they used to have, particularly in the cage at <I>Lockdown</i> in 2005.
  9. It’s really too bad that Alex Shelley was given such a weak run with the X-Division Title, especially since he had to drop it to a Video Game character.  Hopefully he gets another shot.
  10. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are the captains for Lethal Lockdown.  Sadly, Joe’s big win isn’t the end of the show, but we go to commercial and come back for more talking.

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