Interview Roundup: Christian On ‘Mania And Not TNA, Watts On HOF and VKM

Interviews with Captain Charisma and the Cowboy.

Christian’s first post return interview with is up now. He talks about his ladder match experience, Money In the Bank, and not TNA at all. Here’s what he has to say about his absence from WWE:

“I’ve been away from WWE for a few years now, and I’m refocused, rededicated and back to make a huge impact. I came back for one reason,” he said. “To become a champion.”

Not that I expected him to cut a promo on the Main Event Mafia or anything on, but still.

Slam Wrestling’s Jason Clevett has an interview with upcoming WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bill Watts. He talks about J.R. inducting him, the class he’s going in with, attending his first Wrestlemania, and Mid-South’s impact impact on the business. Oh, and working with Vince McMahon:

“He is a genius, a workaholic, and he has a long-range vision. He and I worked together for three months and really clicked when we would sit down and book. He looked at the business the same way I did, where do you want to go and how to get there. The flow between us was just awesome. Do I always agree with all of his philosophy? No, naturally I don’t. He and I disagreed on things but we could look each other in the eye, talk about our disagreements, and then sit down and work. Vince is also now the custodian of the history, and I think he realizes how important that is.”

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