The Sinful Dwarf – DVD Review


I’ve seen some pretty sick and twisted and messed up films in my time. Hell, I’ve seen Cannibal Holocaust. While The Sinful Dwarf is indeed a disturbed movie, it doesn’t hold a candle to Holocaust. But there is one thing both films have in common: they are both virtually unwatchable.

Olaf (Torben, a Danish children’s show host) is a demented dwarf who looks frighteningly like Jack Black. He and his partner Lila Lash kidnap women inject them with heroin and prostitute them. A poor young couple moves into their building and the wife becomes disturbed by her surroundings while the husband looks for work.

Finally, about an hour into the film the wife final stumbles onto what’s going on and the actual plot of the film commences. However by this time you’ve been so bombarded by horrific degrading sex scenes and uncomfortable nudity and of course the creepy Olaf that you don’t care, you just want the movie to end.

This movie offers nothing in the way of entertainment. It’s just about the worst acting, directing and everything else that I’ve ever seen. I enjoy low budget films, I enjoy bad acting and such if what is being presented is interesting. But nothing about this film is interesting. There is a good reason this director never made another film and most of the cast never acted again, if you could call what they did directing and acting in the first place. But what can you expect from a film billed as “The mother of all Dwarfsploitation films”?

Do yourself a favor and avoid this film at all costs!

The film is presented in 1.33:1 fullscreen and Dolby Digital Mono sound. It looks and sounds terrible adding nothing to this horrible mess of a film.

The Severin Controversy: (10 min.) This is ten times better than the film and actually kind of funny. Two fans of Severin’s cult films go on record to warn people how horrible this film is and how it traumatized them when hey watched it for the first time in the early ’90s. I dont’ know if this is staged or not, but it made me laugh.

Trailer: Apparently the film was originally titled Abducted Wife.

Radio Spots

This is a disturbing and upsetting film and frankly I’m a little embarrassed to be reviewing it. My wife was nearby while I was watching the film and I felt bad subjecting her to this trash. Don’t do the same thing to your loved ones.


Severin Films presents The Sinful Dwarf. Directed by Vidal Raski. Written by William Mayo. Based on an original story by Harlan Asquith. Starring Torben. Running time: 95 minutes. Not Rated. Advisory: Contains graphic sex and nudity, drugs and severe adult situations.. Originally released in 1974. Released on DVD: March 31, 2009. Available at