TNA Updates on Don West, World X Cup

TNA has decided to tone down the new Don West character. They feel that they went too far, too soon with it and had to get it under control. West is now to be a more subtle heel, becoming more intense only when the Beautiful People are out there or when the babyfaces do something outrageously stupid.

There has been very little talk about holding the World X Cup again. Working with international promotions involves a great deal of extra paperwork, communication issues, concerns about trust and potential mishaps. In 2008 there had been discussions about CMLL hosting the whole thing and then airing it on Impact afterwards. However, CMLL have cooled on booking TNA wrestlers this year. AAA has a style more conducive to TNA but given Konnan’s history with TNA that would seem to be a no-go area.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 30th March 2009 (subscribe here)

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