Gossip Girl – Episode 2-20 Review

I really don’t know where to begin with this week’s episode. It just bothered me.

Let’s start with the whole Jenny birthday storyline. It made me just like Jenny even less than I already do. I understand she wanted to have a low-key gathering with her family and some friends, but she overreacted when Serena just wanted to do something nice and throw her a party.

Dan was denied financial aid from Yale and Rufus is scrambling for a solution, one that might entail moving in with Lily, Eric and Serena. Dan and Jenny get whiff of this plan and are less than thrilled. Rufus assures Dan that he’ll find a way to pay for college.

Blair and Nate have been hanging out for a few days and are already talking about getting back together. Huh? Why is it that the day after a couple breaks up they have to be paired with someone new? I actually felt bad for Vanessa and I thought the breakup was a bit of a cop-out in terms of writing. We were finally getting substance with this relationship. This always happens and I’m getting frustrated with this couple switching already.

And then next thing we know…Vanessa and Chuck are trying to get back at Nate and Blair by making out. It all just seems a little too much. I can believe Chuck doing something like this, but to have Vanessa stoop to that level surprised me.

Serena and Dan seem to be civil, which kind of makes me miss the arguing. Basically, I will never be satisfied with these two. Give them a good storyline already! Serena got blamed for the raging party and fled to Spain with her socialite friend Poppy and some guy she apparently met before. This has Georgina written all over it…

Dan got a letter from a fan who liked his story in the New Yorker. He gives the guy a call and it turns out to be his brother (Lily and Rufus’ child who is supposed to be dead). The parents delete the call so their son doesn’t get in contact with the Humphreys even though it seems he knows he was adopted. This should be good…

So in the end we have a snowy Nate and Blair kiss, which was sweet but totally inappropriate and lackluster in my opinion. Then, even worse, we see Vanessa getting dressed after spending the night with Chuck! Now I know these two are dating in real life, but come on. This is just getting ridiculous, although somewhat intriguing.

Ideally, I’d want to see a Nate/Serena relationship. They had chemistry, as do Blair and Chuck. And while I didn’t initially want this, I think it would be interesting to see Vanessa with Dan. The current couples are a little ridiculous. I wish they’d just follow the chemistry instead of making every character sleep with every other character. What am I saying? This is Gossip Girl we are talking about.

See you in a few weeks!