One Tree Hill – Episode 6-19 Review

Things are winding down in Tree Hill…and getting sadder.

Julian breaks my heart. Just watching him breaks my heart. He asks Brooke to come to Los Angeles with him, but of course she doesn’t want to leave Sam. But he reveals a plane ticket for her too. He wants them to be a family. Aww…

Lucas and Nathan have some nice brother bonding time in Keith’s old auto shop with Jamie. It’s always nice to see these scenes, even though there isn’t much story development going on. Jamie dresses up as Keith and it’s obviously adorable. Cue more adorableness.

Lucas and Peyton decided to try and tell Nathan and Brooke about the pregnancy problems, but neither ends up doing it. Peyton secretly keeps a stash of her drawings and Lucas memories in a box, which ends up being for her unborn child. Sadly, it looks like she is preparing herself and her loved ones for her death.

Since Haley was fired, the bitchy principal has been teaching and failing all of her students. Sam and Jack lead a coup and show up at Haley’s house during school hours…with the entire class. Initially surprised and apprehensive, Haley begins teaching them in her living room.

Mouth and Skillz take a road trip to New York and make a stop at a college party where Gigi continues to intrigue Mouth. Unwilling and unable to forget his love for Millie, he gets back on the road and heads to New York where they kiss and make up. Their scenes are usually boring, but the ending was sweet.

Julian ends up at the airport and Brooke shows…but not to go with him. Although Sam packs and wants Brooke to go and be happy, Brooke tearfully turns down Julian and decides to stay in Tree Hill. This was truly heartbreaking and I know this is definitely not the end of them. We’ll see…

The principal ends up at Haley’s house and tells the students to get back to school. Haley stands her ground and picks up the rest of her belongings from the classroom. “You made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn,” she told her. “That’s something to be proud of.” Ouch.

Unfortunately, we have to wait three more weeks for a new episode. The final five episode preview was intense though and it looks like it’s gonna be good! Peyton gets into a car accident, Naley have a hot scene and Julian is back!