Steamboat Talks Hall Of Fame And Wrestling Jericho

Slam Wrestling’s Jason Clevett has an interview with 2009 Hall of Fame inductee and Wrestlemania competitor Ricky Steamboat.

Steamboat talks about his Wrestlemania weekend of being honored on Saturday and stepping back in the ring for the first time in 15 years on Sunday:

“The little spice on top of (his induction) is being able to wrestle in Wrestlemania 25. I was on the very first one. That is a number that really set me back — my God, 25 years have gone by! Time sure does fly. Both of them are going to be great moments. I’ve been asked if it might taint the moment of being inducted the night before and then getting into the ring. Not at all, I love it. To be able to do both on the same weekend is tremendous.”

He also talks about what fans should expect from today’s Dragon:

“I haven’t changed my preparation that much. I still get into the ring and work out with the guys, I have been since 1994, I know I am not the Dragon that I was 15 years ago, I am probably about 80% of what I was. I can still move pretty good and hit the ropes and come off the top. I feel good about myself. I’ve been asked about being embarrassed but I am very comfortable.

He’s glad that he can share the load with Snuka and Piper, though. He also talks about passing on his knowledge to the next generation, kids knowing who he is, and being a WWE agent.

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