One Year in Memphis – March 29, 1986


Jerry Lawler/Dutch Mantell over Buddy Landel/Bill Dundee

Billy Travis over Abdul Gadaffi

Billy Travis/Frank Morrell (substituting for the Fantastics) over MOD Squad

Frank Morrell over Keith Eric

Jos LeDuc over Jim Jameson/David Haskins

Paul Diamond/Michael Lee over Tony Falk/Pat Rose

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown let us know that Dutch Mantell, Jos LeDuc, Bill Dundee and Buddy Landel, Billy Travis, and JD Costello and the MOD Squad would be there. Russell added that we’d be hearing from Paul Diamond as well.

We came back to see Dutch Mantell facing Keith Eric. As soon as the bell rang, Mantell seized control of the match. Mantell worked the arm heavily, and Eric wasn’t able to get any momentum going.

Mantell trapped Eric in a chinlock, then took him down and planted a knee in Eric’s shoulder.

Finally Eric landed a couple of punches, which caused Mantell to send him into the corner and hammer him. A powers lame earned Mantell a two count.

Eric regained control with an eye rake and a head butt only for Mantell to fight back. Mantell clotheslined Eric and got the win at 2:35.

From there we went to a match between Jerry Garmon and Benny Traylor against the Memphis Vice – Jerry Bryant and Lou Winston. Bryant and Traylor started, and Traylor quickly hip tossed Bryant down. Bryant finally tagged in Lou Winston.

Winston wound up tossed himself and began arguing with the ref before grabbing a handful of Traylor’s hair to assist with a hiptoss of his own.

Traylor kicked Winston into Bryant, and Bryant tagged back in as soon as he returned to the apron. Traylor locked Bryant in a headlock only for Bryant to drop Traylor down and begin throwing fists. An elbow shot kept the momentum going as Bryant brought Winston back in.

The Vice kept Traylor on their side of the ring while Garmon waited anxiously on the apron. The Vice kept making quick tags and never let up on the pressure. Finally Traylor ducked a clothesline and dropkicked both Vice before tagging Garmon in.

The Vice soon double-teamed Garmon and Bryant put Garmon down with a clothesline. Winston came off the second rope and got the win at 4:20.

We came back from commercial to see Lance Russell backstage to talk about Wednesday’s show at the Evansville Coliseum. Costello and the MOD Squad joined Russell so Costello could brag about the MOD Squad defeating the Fantastics for the belts before Costello said that Diamond and Lee were no competition for the Squad before Russell sent it to a taped interview with Bill Dundee.

Dundee went over the rules of the death match and then promised that he and Landel would defeat Lawler and Mantell. He also brought up all the lawsuits that he and Landel had filed against the company.

We came back to see a video on Dirty Rhodes. The tape opened with Rhodes playing his guitar while seated in front of a log cabin. Rhodes talked about how he enjoyed playing music in his spare time. He told the story of how his mother had worked to get him a guitar when he was a boy. He added that his mother had come down with MS and had even lost her ability to speak. Rhodes talked about playing music for his bedridden mother. He added how proud he was to be a wrestler before starting to play again.

We returned to Russell at the interview set. He was joined by Jos LeDuc. LeDuc mentioned that he thought that Rhodes had a guitar like a player piano (meaning that it played itself) before moving on to discuss people who called themselves the King. LeDuc said that anyone could put their nose into his business, but it would be at their own risk. He then challenged Rhodes to a match before telling everyone that he wasn’t crazy.

LeDuc headed to the ring where Henry Rutledge was waiting. As might be expected, LeDuc dominated Rutledge from the get-go as the match was a total squash. LeDuc laughed as he threw Rutledge around the ring and threw fists at him. LeDuc hit Rutledge with a backbreaker and demanded Rutledge get up. A clothesline earned LeDuc the win at 1:27 while Russell mentioned that he was glad that Rutledge had escaped LeDuc nearly unscathed.

Russell then sent us to an interview with Frank Morrell and Billy Travis. Morrell explained that he’d interfered in a title match where Travis had faced Abdul Gaddafi. Morrell explained that Travis had been thrown over the top rope, slammed into a post, and then locked in a hammerlock. Morrell explained that he’d thrown in the towel for one reason – to prevent permanent injury to Travis.

Travis took the mic and explained that Morrell and Phil Hickerson had helped him following his father’s death the year before. Travis added that he knew that he could defeat Gaddafi.

We came back to see Russell talking about the show on Wednesday night again. He ran down the full card and we headed back to commercials.

We came back to see Dundee and Landel facing David Haskins and Frank Morrell. Morrell and Dundee started. Morrell got an early advantage as he hiptossed Dundee across the ring and brought Haskins in. Haskins dropkicked Dundee only to get whipped across the ring and stopped by Dundee’s fist.

Dundee brought in Landel and after a quick double-team Landel took control of Haskins. That only served to put the match exactly the way that Dundee and Landel wanted it – they were making quick tags while keeping Haskins isolated. All Morrell could do was yell encouragement. At commentary, Russell expressed his disgust for Dundee and Landel’s actions.

Finally Landel locked in the figure four and Haskins gave up at 4:14. Dundee and Landel bailed as Morrell came into the ring to check on his partner.

Landel and Dundee headed to the interview set only for Russell to refuse to join them. Dundee threatened to sue Russell for discriminating against them. He then brought up how everyone was against them, even when Jeff Jarrett and Jackie Fargo had faced them. Dundee added that they’d never been beaten, only for someone to give the win to their opponents.

Finally Russell had enough and cut them off. Dundee refused to leave as Russell started over. Russell brought up the truth and Dundee got furious when Russell said that they’d lost and threatened to slap Russell. Russell said it again and Dundee again told Russell not to say that they’d ever lost. Russell ignored him and again said that Lawler and Mantell were the winners. Dundee slapped Russell and they left as Lawler and Mantell charged out of the back. Lawler, Mantell, and Brown headed to the interview set to check on Russell as the furious Russell sent the show to a commercial.

We came back to see Billy Travis getting set to face the Invader. Travis got off to a quick start as he took control of the match. Travis back dropped the Invader, slammed him, and dropped a knee before pulling him up and putting him down with a right hand.

Travis locked in a rear chinlock before putting the Invader back down with a fist and then a body slam. Travis then went back to the chinlock. Travis pulled him up, hip tossed him, and returned to the chinlock. Travis hip tossed and body slammed him before dropping a knee from the second rope for the win at 2:21.

Russell was at the interview set and was joined by Tony Falk. Falk bragged that he knew that Jackie Fargo was afraid of him. Falk then challenged both Fargo and Jeff Jarrett to matches. Falk then added that he was ready to face Jim Jameson for his first win.

Falk backed Jameson into the ropes and started pounding on him. He snapmared Jameson over, then again started throwing fists before whipping him across the ring and stopping him with a clothesline. Falk dropped a knee and got a two count before he pulled Jameson up.

Jameson started fighting back until Falk raked his eyes and started working Jameson’s arm. Falk then switched tactics and went to a headlock. Falk pulled Jameson up and a hair pull took Jameson down. Falk hit a swinging neck breaker and pulled Jameson up at 2.

Falk kept dominating Jameson and pulled him up at 2 again. However, it seemed to motivate Jameson as he started throwing punches. Falk dragged Jameson to the center of the ring and slammed him before going to the top rope. Falk fell off and Jameson rolled him up for the three count at 3:17. Jameson returned to the back as Falk couldn’t believe what had just happened.

We came back for Russell to go over the card Wednesday night one more time. Lawler and Mantell joined him. Lawler talked about how everybody was sick of Landel and Dundee and they’d be teaching Dundee and Landel a lesson in respect. Mantell added that this show would be a night that Landel and Dundee would never forget.

We came back to see Brown introducing an interview with Paul Diamond. Diamond was talking with Lance Russell about getting his start in wrestling. Diamond admitted that he’d had some problems with drugs as the talk continued. Diamond admitted that his family had left and he was broke, so he realized that he had to get help. He closed by asking kids to stay off drugs.

We came back to see the MOD Squad facing Diamond and Michael Lee. Spike and Diamond started, and neither man was able to gain an advantage. Finally Diamond hit a hiptoss and took Spike down only to get body slammed.

Basher came in and Diamond began working on his arm before bringing Lee in. Lee dropped an ax handle on Basher’s arm before continuing the assault. Lee continued dominating Basher as a JD’s a wimp chant started in the crowd.

Basher finally muscled Lee into a corner and whipped him across the ring. Lee escaped and brought Diamond in, who continued the assault. Finally Lee tagged back in and missed a dropkick which gave Basher the opportunity to bring Spike back in.

Spike hammered Lee down and slammed him before bringing Basher back in. Basher choked Lee, breaking before the five count as Costello headed to commentary to brag about the Squad’s ability. Spike slammed him and got a one count. He bounced Lee’s head off Basher’s knee as Basher tagged back in. The Squad kept making quick tags as they kept Lee in the ring.

Finally Diamond dropkicked his partner to put Basher down for the win. After the match, the Squad dismantled Lee as Diamond tried to get back into the ring. The Squad finally pitched Lee over the top rope before we went to commercial.

We came back to see Russell closing the show by saying goodbye until next week.


Texas Tornado Death Match
Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel vs. Jerry Lawler/Dutch Mantell

Southern Tag Team titles
MOD Squad © vs. Paul Diamond/Michael Lee

International Heavyweight title
Abdul Gadaffi © vs. Billy Travis

Jos LeDuc vs. Kevin McQueen

Tojo Yamamoto vs. Tony Falk

Frank Morrell vs. Pat Rose

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