Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 04/03/2009

It is Friday night and Wrestlemania 25 is this Sunday! Grab a cold one, kick off your shoes, relax and follow along with your favorite Smackdown Superstars as we continue along the road to the greatest “sportz entertainment” event of the year…


Smackdown is brought to us on MyNetworkTV with ringside announcers Jim Ross and Tazz. For those of you who have not heard, Tazz did not renew his contract when it expired and has left the company on good terms.

Diva Tag Team Match: Maryse, WWE Diva’s Champion and Michelle McCool vs.
Gail Kim and Maria

McCool and Maria lock up as the referee calls for the bell. McCool tags in Maryse and Maryse tags in McCool. As JR says, it’s an all blond match and Maryse is tagged in again. Has anyone else noticed Maryse always looks like she’s having a good time? Maria finally makes it to her corner to tag in Gail who hits Maryse with a cross body block and then nails McCool with a kick as she tries to interfere. Gail delivers a neck breaker and gets the three.

Winners: Gail Kim and Maria

The “Diva” division may be getting better with Gail Kim back in the ring. A short match and, unfortunately not enough of Gail Kim, but it was a nice intro for her. M.V.P is backstage with Eve Torres to talk about the MITB at Wrestlemania. “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin appears to disagree with M.V.P. about who is keeping the United States Championship belt and we go to commercial break.

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We are now in Houston with Todd Grisham and Jerry “The King” Lawler and WWE fans. We see a video of the feud between Matt and Jeff Hardy and hear about the Extreme Match they will have at Wrestlemania 25 and we go to commercial break.

We are back to WWE Fan Axxess in Houston with Grisham and Lawler to discuss Wrestlemania 25 and they discuss the Triple Threat Match between “Rated R Superstar” Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show for the WWE Championship and we see a video of the build up to that match, including the love (ugh) triangle between Edge, Vickie Guerrero and Big Show. And we go to commercial break.

We return to Grisham and Lawler who continue to talk about the triple threat match including Cena and Show on Monday Night Raw this week which included a run in by Edge. Edge is now on camera with his title belt to tell everyone that he will be retaining his title at Wrestlemania 25 and we go to commercial break.

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Lawler and Grisham tell us about Kid Rock performing at Wrestlemania 25 and then they discuss Santino Marella and his mankini. We see what happened last Monday night on Raw with a Diva tag team match. I wasn’t watching on Monday night but I’m going to get to see Marella’s mankini in the replay and we go to commercial break.

WWE United States Championship Match: “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin vs. M.V.P. ©

I enjoy both of these workers and when they face each other, it can come together as a great match. The bell rings and Benjamin comes out punching, going for an early cover but not getting even a one. Porter comes off the ropes and now he’s throwing fists until the ref interrupts and Porter catches a boot to the knee. Benjamin goes for the cover and gets two. Porter gets tossed out of the ring and is thrown back first into the steel steps by the challenger. Benjamin rolls Porter back into the ring, covers and gets two but he continues to work on the injured back of Porter. The fans are behind Porter,who comes back swinging but then gets caught in a t-bone, Benjamin covers and gets two. Benjamin applies a modified camel clutch and Porter works his way back to his feet with Benjamin on his shoulders, dropping Benjamin to the mat in the electric chair. Porter gets caught in a jawbreaker, Benjamin charges across the ring and Porter gets out of the way, causing Benjamin to run into the ring post. Porter delivers right hands and sends Benjamin to the canvas before delivering a power slam as Benjamin comes off the ropes. Porter delivers a face breaker, smiles to the fans, drops the elbow, covers and gets two. Benjamin catches Porter with a kick to the face, covers and gets two. Benjamin comes off the top turnbuckle with a neck breaker, covers and gets two. Chants of “M.V.P.” begin, Porter delivers a kick to the head, delivers the playmaker, covers and gets three.

Winner and still US Champion: M.V.P.

It was an excellent match, not nearly long enough but just enough to show everyone the talent of these two wrestlers. M.V.P. appears to be on a roll and we go to commercial break.

We are back at WWE Fan Axxess in Houston, Texas with Lawler and Grisham and the fans in attendance. They go over the matches scheduled for Wrestlemania 25 and we again see a replay of Monday Night Raw with Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes facing Vince McMahon and then we go to commercial break.

We go back to WWE Fan Axxess with Grisham and Lawler and they are again discussing the rivalry between Triple H and Randy Orton and we see a video recap of the feud between the two, the return of Vince and Shane McMahon along with HHH and we go to commercial break.

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We return to Houston with Grisham and Lawler with a view of the fans at WWE Fan Axxess. We hear about the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony tomorrow night and Lawler reminds us that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be one of the inductees. We see a video of Austin and some of his stellar WWE moments and we go to commercial break.

Grisham and Lawler give us a preview of the upcoming Wrestlemania match between “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, the feud leading up to the match and then we go to commercial break.

WWE Smack of the Night: “The” Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson vs. Jeff Hardy in an extreme rules match. Hardy won the match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Ezekiel Jackson with “The” Brian Kendrick

Jeff has some extreme makeup on tonight. Zeke might have more friends if he would smile now and then. Kendrick exits the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Hardy comes out swinging and the chants of “Hardy” have already begun in the audience. Zeke is powerful but Hardy sidesteps him and he nails the corner post. Hardy misses the Twist of Fate and catches a shoulder block from Zeke who is wearing some of Hardy’s makeup that has rubbed off. “Hardy” chants begin again but Hardy gets caught in a bear hug as he comes off the ropes. Kendrick shouts orders to Zeke from ringside and Hardy is now down on the mat. Hardy makes it back to his feet and elbows his way out of the hold, delivers a Whisper in the Wind but can’t make it for the cover. Hardy sends Zeke over the top rope with a clothesline and then takes out Zeke and Kendrick by coming over the top rope. He slams Kendrick into the guardrail but Zeke delivers a blow and the match moves back inside. This time Hardy nails the Twist of Fate, goes to the top and hits the Swanton bomb, covers and gets three.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Extremely short match but worth watching just to see Jeff Hardy on fire.

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