The Hills – Episode 5-2 Review

We’re back already with a second episode recap (aka part 2 of the drama-filled first episode). And now it gets really good.

Spencer goes to see Stephanie and tells her that he doesn’t like what she did (i.e. bring Heidi to Lauren’s party and tell her about Spencer’s flirting). Stephanie actually makes sense for once and tells him the loyalty talk is old. She also calls herself Heidi’s therapist. I am kind of warming up to Stephanie.

Lo, Audrina and Lauren had a birthday recap. These three actually seem to be getting along nowadays. Lauren wasn’t so thrilled she spent most of her birthday crying. Who can blame her?

Heidi goes to the bar Spencer went and talks to the bartender. She tells Heidi the truth about Spencer taking it too far and once again, she is shocked. “Good luck with that,” says Stacie the oh-so-eloquent bartender. Heidi tries to talk to Spencer and he denies everything without even looking her in the eyes. Heidi actually stands up for herself somewhat and tells him she is going to Colorado to get away.

Heidi is in her hometown and talks to her mom about her run-in with Lauren. She also mentions Spencer’s little fight and her mother is clearly not surprised. Why is it that only Heidi can’t realize that Spencer is the problem in everything?

Lauren and Stephanie are shopping for fabric and Lauren isn’t being her friendly self. Stephanie is being pushy and Lauren is still pissed about the birthday. She tells Stephanie that it was inappropriate to bring her and that she needs to drop the peacemaker role.

Brody and Spencer meet up for the first time in a while (or so we are supposed to believe) and talk about his desperation with Heidi. Brody thinks he needs to get out and stop revolving his life around someone that doesn’t trust him. Spencer looks look like he just heard he won the lottery and clearly thinks this is the best idea ever.

Heidi has dinner with her parents and her mother is obviously trying to push Heidi with some guy Colby she used to know when she was little. Heidi’s not so happy, but he mom has never been happier. She talks Colby up and Heidi is awkwardly laughing and visibly uncomfortable.

Brody and Lauren meet up for dinner to rehash the birthday disaster as well.  “The two people they burned are the only two people they have to call,” says Lauren about their former BFF’s. So true and so sad in so many ways.

Heidi admits it was good she and Spencer didn’t get married. Well, it’s about time. Meanwhile, Spencer is back at that bar taking shots with Stacie. The nerve of this guy!

The best part of this episode was the previews for the rest of the season! Heidi catches Spencer hanging out with Stacie, Brody and Audrina hook up and his girlfriend is pissed, and it seems Heidi is actually going through with the wedding as she gives Lauren an invite! It’s gonna be good! Stay tuned!

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL! magazines.