Indy Mania: Iron 8 Championship 2007 – New England Championship Wrestling

2 Disc Collector’s Edition

After several months of viewing New England Championship Wrestling via NECW TV, it was time to get a better idea of what NECW is all about. The Iron 8 Tournament is an event held every year by NECW and my interest in seeing the innovative tournament was sparked. This is a two-disc set with additional material on the set added at the end of this review.

Disc One

Semi Final Matches

Match 1: “The Infamous” Bobby Fish vs. Jason Blade

As soon as the referee calls for the bell, the first thing I notice is actual wrestling.. Fish works his way into a more aggressive style but Blade comes back with his own aggressive style and we have several close pinfall attempts. Both of these workers are good but I want to see more of Fish. The action is fast paced and a great opening match.

Winner: Bobby Fish with a quick cover.

NOTE: The quick cover is after an amazing series of covers and counter covers by both Blade and Fish.

Match 2: Handsome Johnny vs. “Straight Edge” Brian Fury

I have seen Johnny before and I am ready to cheer on his opponent before I know who the opponent is. Fury enters the ring fired up and ready to rumble and we have an anti-Handsome live audience. The match begins with wrestling holds, which surprises me, but it appears Johnny does know how to wrestle. And as soon as Johnny establishes that fact, the Handsome one goes for the hair of his opponent. Fury is quicker and more agile than Johnny but Johnny bails out of the ring when the heat is on. This is quite different from the first match but just as impressive.

Winner: Brian Fury with a sunset flip off the ropes and a bridging pin.

Match 3: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards with Sean Gorman vs. Gary Cassidy

It is announced that Edwards was the 2006 winner of the Iron 8 Tournament. Cassidy is from NWA Ireland and I believe he will find it necessary to watch his back with Gorman pacing on the outside. Again the match begins with technical holds and counter holds, making it impossible to take your eyes off of the action. These two workers are impressive opponents with Sean running a little interfering on the outside. The final move that Edwards used is not named and I am not familiar with it.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pinfall.

Match 4: Antonio “The Promise” Thomas vs. “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke

I have seen both of these workers before and while I like them both, I tend to cheer for Thomas. I am honestly on the edge of my seat before Locke makes it to the ring. The referee calls for the bell and these two lock up and end up rolling outside. This is the first match that has any significant time outside and there are no mats on the floor surrounding the ring. I am not disappointed in either worker’s performance.

Winner: Brandon Locke with a roll up.

Disc Two

Match 5: Mixed Tag Team Match – Sean Gorman with D.C. Dillinger and Big Rick Fuller vs. Nikki Roxx and “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks

It appears that the female wrestler slated for Gorman’s team is not in the building so Fuller, formerly of WCW, is filling in. “Big” is an appropriate description for this worker. Nikki Roxx is currently on the TNA roster as Roxxi. The Human Nightmare looks a little crazy but that may be in their favor. The bell rings and Nikki faces off with Sean in the center of the ring with a push up contest to start things off and Gorman tags in Fuller and Nikki wisely tags in Siks. These two work at moves and counters with Siks ending up in enemy territory where he receives a little double-teaming. Fuller tags in Sean who delivers a kick before tagging Fuller back into the ring. This was a good start to the second disc of the set with blatant cheating going on in the Sean and Fuller corner.

Winners: Sean Gorman and Rick Fuller after Nikki is accidentally speared by Fuller.

Sheldon Goldberg and Kyle and Matt Storm present the NECW Triple Crown Champion D.C. Dillinger with his title belt. And a bright and shiny belt it is! Dillinger is accompanied to the ring by Sean Gorman and the lip service begins. The current tag team champions, Kyle and Matt, are challenged for their tag team titles. Sheldon attempts to restore order to the ring as Dillinger and the Storms prepare to square off.

Match 6: Iron Man Championship Match

“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. “The Infamous” Bobby Fish vs. “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke vs. “Straight Edge” Brian Fury

Managers are not allowed at ringside, outside interference is not tolerated, the count out rule has been waived and the worker with the most pinfalls or submissions within the 45-minute time limit will take home the prize. Having previously seen these workers in the semi-final matches, I have a general idea of their wrestling style. Although all four are great grapplers, Edwards seems to be the most likely to try to cheat his way to the win. Although all four men are competing, only two men can be in the ring at a time with Edwards and Fish beginning the match. Edwards has second thoughts and tags in Fury before coming into contact with Fish. Locke tags himself into the match with Fish and the two continue the pure wrestling style that makes this DVD so interesting. Edwards finally makes it into the ring against Fury. It is not possible for me to call the holds used due to the speed and maneuvering of the workers. All four of them pull out all the stops for this final match and while they were great in the semi-finals, they are awesome in this match.

First fall: Locke over Edwards via pinfall.

Second fall: Fury over Locke via pinfall.

Third fall: Locke over Fish via pinfall.

Fourth fall: Edwards over Locke via pinfall.

Fifth fall: Fish over Edwards via pinfall.

Sixth fall: Fury over Edwards via pinfall.

Seventh fall: Fish over Locke via pinfall.

Eighth fall: Edwards over Fish via pinfall.

Ninth fall: The 45-minute time limit is up but there cannot be a 4-way tie. In sudden death overtime, this fall decides the winner.

I recommend seeing all of these finalists if you have the chance. Highly trained in technical wrestling, they are worth watching.

Winner of the Iron 8 Tournament: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards via pinfall over “The Infamous” Bobby Fish. (On the final fall from the top turnbuckle, Fish suffers a broken ankle in two places.)

Extras: Sabatoge vs. Dogs of War match, Gorman “Dogs Roxx”, Iron 8 Origins, Iron 8 Promise, Iron 8 Locke’d, Iron 8 Fury, Iron 8 Infamy, Iron 8 Die Hard, Iron 8 Stamina, Iron 8 vs. Super 8, Iron 8 Injuries, and NECW Video Outro. These extras are worth taking the time to watch. All four of the finalists have their own take on Iron 8 and the conception of the Iron 8 Tournament is explained.

The Wrap Up: The camera angles are excellent and the video is very clear and easy to watch. I generally find fault with the sound but there was nothing that made me keep grabbing for the remote to change the volume. Sheldon Goldberg, ringside announcer, does a running commentary throughout each match, calling the moves as they happen. This 2-disc collector’s edition DVD set is available for purchase for $20.00 plus shipping and handling at
NECW Wrestling. If you are looking for real rasslin’, this is the DVD set you want to see and it is worth every penny.

If you have not done so, I highly recommend that you visit NECW TV where you can catch a new match every week and keep up with New England Championship Wrestling action.

You can also catch “The Mouthpiece Wrestling Show” with Sheldon Goldberg and Joe Matterazzo and special guests every Wednesday at 4:00 P.M. Eastern time on 1510 The Zone.

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