Recent Trends in TTM

Recent Trends in TTM

I’ve looked across the web to see what players have been signing and what players have been sending stuff back unsigned. The numbers following the info (1/2 for instance) show how many were signed and how many were sent. I tried to list how long they took if a date was recorded.

These are non-spring training successes – not very many yet.

Glenn Hoffman C/O Padres – Coach who played in the ’80s. Took 11 days.
Chase Wright C/O Nashville Sound – Former Yankee farmhand that was traded to the Brewers. Took 5 days.

Basketball is probably to late to send this year. With the playoffs almost ready to start, most players won’t return mail.

Mike Bibby C/O Hawks (2/2) – No date given.
Pau Gasol C/O Lakers (2/2) – This took 6 months to receive.
Yao Ming C/O Rockets (1/1) – Took 7 days.
Dirk Nowitzki C/O Mavericks (1/1) – Took 48 days.
John Pelphrey C/O U of Arkansas (1/1) – No date given.

Since it’s the off-season, success will most likely be from long returns. I’d recommend sending as soon as training camps start (or the season is camp is away from their home city).

Drew Brees C/O Saints (1/1) – Took 50 days.
Mack Brown C/O U of Texas (1/1) – One that can also be found on e-mail. You can get his e-mail and he’ll send a signed photo.
Warrick Dunn C/O Bucs (1/1) – Took 126 days.
Bo Pelini C/O U of Nebraska (1/1) – No date given.
Reggie Smith II C/O 49ers (2/2) – Took 101 and 138 days in 2 returns.
DeAngelo Williams C/O Panthers (1/2) – This took 176 days.

Trevor Immelman C/O PGA Tour (1/1) – No date given.
Zach Johnson C/O PGA Tour (1/1) – No date given.
Casey Martin C/O PGA Tour (1/1) – Took a week.
Billy Payne C/O Augusta National (1/1) – No date given.
Scott Simpson C/O PGA Tour (1/1) – No date given.

See comments for Basketball.

Rostislav Klesla C/O Blue Jackets (1/1) – The time wasn’t listed.

These all came from the players homes – I’m not listing address here. Please do a little investigation (join Sportsgraphing or the Bench). I don’t even have most of the address, so I probably won’t have them either.

Bobby Clarke (2/2) – Former NHL great. Signs care of the Flyers.
Juan Gonzalez (1/1) – Former MLB outfielder. This took 27 days.
Roberto Hernandez (2/2) – Former MLB Pitcher. This took a week.
Misty May-Treanor (2/2) – Olympic Sand Volleyball player. She’s got cards from an Allen and Ginter set. No date given.
Mike Mussina (2/2) – Former MLB pitcher. Took 36 and 42 days.
Bart Starr (1/10 – Former NFL great. $10 donation. Took 11 days.
Curt Schilling (1/1) – Former MLB pitcher. $200 donation to ALS was given. This took 9 days.
Detlef Schrempf (2/3) – Former NBA player. This was sent to his foundation. No dontaion info was given. It took 50 days.
Duke Snider (1/1) – Former MLB outfielder. HOFer. He signs for free. I’ve received 2 from him in the past. Worth sending.
Bobby Thompson (4/4) – Former MLB outfielder. He’s always good. Took 11 days.

Return to Senders/Refusals
Larry Bittner – MLB player.
Bob Horner – MLB player.
Christian Laettner – NBA player. He’s only signing for $5 per item.
Hakeem Olajuwon – NBA player. This person sent it to the NBA HOF; they only forward mail to players who have OKed it. If you send them a letter, they will send you a list of players that will sign.
Bruce Sutter – MLB player.

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