10 Thoughts on RAW – 04.13.09

Twisty torpedoes, swerves and Maryse. 10 THOUGHTS!

1. If anybody on Orton’s team pins anybody on Triple H’s team, Orton wins the title. If anyone on Triple H’s team pins anybody on Orton’s team, Triple H retains. I think this stipulation is for the best as I’ve been losing interest in DiBiase and Rhodes as weeks went by. It’d be awesome if whoever wins the match for Orton at Backlash would become his “Crown Jewel” and be repackaged.

2. OH MY GOD! Rey Mysterio won with the 616/Swan Dive combo! That’s crazy! Honestly Rey, come up with a new finisher already. They (Lawler/Cole) claim the guy is a master at lucha libre, but I haven’t been seeing many armdrags or tope con hilos from him. I honestly despise Rey Mysterio.

3. MVP defending the United States title on RAW should be interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing him feud again with Matt Hardy now that they switched heel/face positions. A Kofi program would be cool, too.

4. Doesn’t The Brian Kendrick look like Emile Hirsch from Into the Wild?

5. I definitely didn’t expect the Cena/Swagger match to go over two minutes. This was an awesome match that completely saved the ECW brand from embarrassment due to their only draft pick being a green Russian.

6. With all the big names that went to RAW from SmackDown!, I’m glad Punk is getting a fresh start on SmackDown!. There’s not too many big names over there, and hopefully Punk will capitalize on that.

7. The Miz swerving on Morrison? Awesome. Now that I think about it, MVP vs. The Miz doesn’t sound too bad either!


9. Shane McMahon will turn on Triple H at Backlash and help Orton win the title back. Bank on it.

10. Overall, I’d say Monday’s episode of RAW was successful. The draft shook things up, we had some good inter-promotional matches and Maryse is on RAW.

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