A Moment's All I Ask – 4.15.09

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to write, due to my travels to WrestleMania in Houston; however, I’ve been keeping up with Idol and let me tell you, I’m glad the Wiggler is gone. To sum it up, obviously she has done herself no favors by being quietly slammed by Simon the next week during judgment; however, at least Scott had a great attitude and true heart throughout the competition.

For this week’s edition, the most memorable points were Allison Iraheta’s almost Pink-like rendition of “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith, Adam Lambert’s “Born to Be Wild” (we figured out in my household he’s like Axl Rose/Guns N’ Roses meets AC/DC meets Queen). And as for Lil Rounds’ version of “The Rose”, it wasn’t necessarily one of the best performances, but she finally stood up for herself after being grilled her week after week by Simon to figure out who she is as a artist. I liked her attempt at R&B/gospeling up the Bette Midler classic, but she’s in trouble.

As usual, I love and wish to marry Adam Lambert, no matter what team he “plays” for. He brings such natural charisma, sexuality and energy to this show—not many want to say this, but he has a almost modern-day Elvis Presley feel to him.

At this point, I think it’s going to be between him and Allison for the grand prize. Allison is becoming more and more confident, and I think if she has a career like Pink’s that she’s set. I would love to see them on tour together.

As far as everyone else is concerned, they’re all going to have to work their asses off for that third position. Danny Gokey could be in trouble, too, for his rather boring and contrived performance that ended up falling flat, from an emotional standpoint. I felt it was the wrong choice and he belonged in the bottom three as a result of it. Gokey has the potential to be a Taylor Hicks—a limited audience, and not a big chart topper like David Cook is.

Anoop Dogg did a solid version of the Bryan Adams (who has always been a great soundtrack artist) hit “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”, and I think he has been solid as of late but he’s on the verge of dating and boxing himself too much. Perhaps this was why he landed himself in the bottom three.

I think Matt Giraud, doesn’t really care if he goes or stays at this point, as I don’t feel a lot of “I want to win this”-type passion from him anymore. There are only a few real contenders on this show who see the big picture, and the rest are going to milk the tour for all its worth. Speaking of the tour, I’m trying to decide if shelling out the big bucks while only really wanting to see two artists is worth it, or if I should just wait until they are solo and get a ticket then… decisions, decisions.

Kris Allen is becoming disappointing too, as America is going, “What is that… but, uhh, you’re cute.” Kris needs to stick to a acoustic sound, because what he did this week was a big no-no.

As for the result show, Matt got the dramatic and impassioned (from Kara and Paula) save. The boy needs to smile now, because he frowns too much. Next week is disco week and I’m waiting for my boy Adam to do some crazy Lady GaGa-type tie-in with whatever he does.

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