10 Thoughts – WWE Greatest Stars of the 90s (Disc One)

Check out 10 Thoughts on the first disc of WWE Greatest Stars of the 90s!

I went to Best Buy and bought a copy of Blu-Ray Crank to hype myself up for Crank 2: High Voltage. For some reason, I quickly changed my mind and exchanged it for WWE Greatest Stars of the 90s. I killed the first disc in one sitting and boy-howdy, I sure am glad I made that exchange.

1. The discs have a VERY retro look to them, as does the box-art. This was one of the big selling points for me, and looking at the disc sure brought me back to the good ol’ “WWF Superstars” days.

2. I wasn’t happy about Tazz being chosen to host the documentary part of the disc as I was expecting countless one-liners and witty banter. Though he had his moments, he kept himself in a nice, presentable tone of voice which showed plenty respect to the content he was narrating. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there were ANY one-liners.

3. I was expecting the order of the superstars to go in chronological order starting with either Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan. Then the DVD kicked off with Shawn Michaels and smoothly transitioned to Yokozuna. By the time they transitioned from Kevin Nash to Owen Hart I was glued into my seat for the rest of the program. The editing on this DVD was awesome.

4. The WWF scratch-logos aren’t so heavily blurred out now so it’s a lot easier on the eyes. I made the mistake of watching WWF Wrestlemania X7 on WWE 24/7 and I couldn’t see anything with the logos blurred out and the screen going black and grey whenever blood was on the screen.

5. I never liked Yokozuna. To me, he was just an overweight lazy wrestler. I think it was the fact that he never safely landed his Bonzai Drop on the jobbers that made me hate him. After his little piece on the DVD, I actually gained some respect for him. I never realized how truly big he was, and he was quite agile for his size. By the way, has anyone ever noticed a striking resemblance between Yokozuna and Samoa Joe?

6. When it came to a wrestler like Hulk Hogan who jumped ship from WWE to WCW (or in Ric Flair’s case, WCW to WWF to WCW) they would not only mention it, but they would go in-depth on how it affected both companies. Good stuff.

7. They have an interlude giving credit to the bosses of each organization (McMahon, Heyman and Bischoff). They ruined some of the prestige of the DVD by adding comical “whoop” sounds whenever it showed McMahon either wetting his pants or getting the “Bang 3:16” gun pulled on him.

8. This is the third DVD in a row that I bought from WWE Home Video that has the scene of Austin hitting McMahon in the head with his own bed-pan. BEST. SOUND. EVER.

9. One of the many special features on the first disc is the promo Bret Hart cut when Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart were fighting to reunite the Hart Foundation. Owen Hart’s true talents were shown here when he pulls an academy-winning worthy award for his fake tears. Little things like this remind me how damn good Owen Hart was.

10. In my opinion, the first disc of this set is worth the whole $24.99 I paid, and I still have sixteen bonus matches to watch! Definite buy.