TNA Lockdown Roundup: Jarrett, Foley, Angle, Taz, Young, and 3D Toughens Up Bonaduce

PW Torch’s James Caldwell shares Jeff Jarrett’s memories about the night Owen Hart died and the following night’s tribute show, taken from the recently released Jarrett DVD. Jarrett and Mick Foley claim Jarrett’s tribute to Owen got him heat with the McMahons, if you just want to know the controversial part.

IGN’s Matt Fowler has an interview with Mick Foley, where he talks about why he enjoys working in TNA so much, having one last match with Sting, his thoughts on a card consisting solely of steel cage matches, the expectations of the Philly fans compared to what he can still do, and even the begining of Attitude Era.

James Caldwell reports that Taz (he lost the extra z in the transition from WWE) teased a jump to TNA on his facebook page, making references about “making an impact” and “crossing the line”. He also talked about leaving WWE (defending Michael Cole in the process) and let everyone know he’s never wrestling again.

You’ll have to scroll down a bit (or hit control f and type in Kurt Angle), but the Sports Complex blog does have an interview with Kurt Angle hyping up Lockdown, exposing the business (and/or talking about the art of building a match), and talking about his position in the company in there somewhere!

The Miami Herald’s Scott Fishman has an interview with Eric Young, talking about his match with Danny Bonaduce and talking about his road through the indies to TNA and becoming a surprising fan favorite.

Speaking of Bonaduce, if you want to see Team 3D give Danny Bonaduce chops and chair shots on his radio show, Caldwell has your hookup.

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