Beverly Hills Chihuahua – DVD Review

Dog movies have always been a sure-fire win for Disney. And why shouldnt they be? Dogs are adorable, lovable, and when you put a human voice to a dog, its like we can finally hear what theyre thinking. Adults may moan and groan at the thought of the newest talking dog feature from Disney, but if they think hard enough, theyll remember growing up with The Incredible Journey, the original Shaggy Dog with Disneys go to guy of the ’50s Fred MacMurray, The Ugly Daschund, and possibly the most beloved dog film of all time, Old Yeller. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the classic Disney dog movie for this young generation.

Aunt Viv (Jamie Lee Curtis), owner of posh princess Chihuahua Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore), has to go on a business trip and the pampered pooch with her niece Rachel (Piper Perabo, Coyote Ugly). Rachel decides to go on a trip of her own a girls weekend in Mexico but takes Chloe along with her. When Rachel leaves Chloe in her hotel room while she parties with her girlfriends, Chloe decides to make her escape to find and scold Rachel for treating her so poorly. While searching for Rachel, Chloe gets picked up by dognappers and is taken across the country to Mexico City. Chloe attempts to make her way back home to Beverly Hills and befriends a German Shepherd named Delgado (voiced by Andy Garcia, The Untouchables) while on the run from a ruthless Doberman named Diabolo (voiced by Edward James Olmos, Battlestar Galactica). Rachel commences her search for the Chihuahua in hopes of finding her before Aunt Viv returns, taking along Aunt Vivs landscaper Sam whose own Chihuahua, Papi (voiced by George Lopez), has fallen in love with Chloe.

In our current state of society where kids are spoiled like crazy – sports where every kid gets a trophy whether they win or lose, kiddie spa days, princess parties, school systems trying to pass no fail policies its reassuring to see the journey that Chloe goes on and the changes that happen along the way. In the beginning of the movie, she is seen being carried in designer Replica Handbags, trying on designer clothes, and lounging by the pool in the backyard of a mansion. Shes a brat and she doesnt care. As she makes her way through Mexico, she slowly sheds her spoiled attitude and learns that age old lesson Its whats INSIDE that counts. As old as that message is, its something that never gets old.

What makes this movie so great is that it combines all of the classic Disney elements. Its got humor that will keep the adults entertained, its got talking dogs to keep the kids entertained, the story is cute, AND theres a moral to be learned. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is one of the best family films from 2008. And who knows? You might just come to like it more than Old Yeller.

The DVD provides the option of either widescreen or full screen, and is presented in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio.

The sound is Dolby Digital Surround.

Legend of the Chihuahua – This animated feature is for the kids and tells the history of the chihuahua. 3:08

Deleted Scenes – There are three deleted scenes, none of which are all to important to the story. One is REALLY long, and features a longer version of the backstory when Chloe visits the Chihuahuas in Mexico.

Blooper Scooper – Kudos for the clever name. Most of these bloopers involve the dog wranglers, and they’re actually really funny. 3:08

Feature Commentary with Director Raja Gosnell

Chances are you WON’T like Beverly Hills Chihuahua as much as Old Yeller, or any of your childhood favorites. But this is a great kids movie that will keep you entertained as well. The DVD features just enough bonus material to keep the kids happy instead of bore them. A solid release.


Walt Disney Pictures presents Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Directed by: Raja Gosnell. Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Piper Perabo, George Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Andy Garcia, Edward James Olmos. Written by: Analisa LaBianco, Jeffrey Bushell. Running time: 91 minutes. Rating: PG. Released on DVD: March 3, 2009. Available at

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