I’m trying out something new – a little foodstuff with the tennis, why not. We can all relate to our favorite and even not-so-favorite players looking for good things to eat.

In October 2006, Roger Federer posted some lighthearted blogs from his first tournament in Japan. Some excerpts:

“The other night I played a joke on Mirka and put a lot of wasabi (the very strong green paste) underneath a piece of her sashimi…she still has fire coming out of her nose and has promised to get me back!”

“For breakfast I was introduced to the Japanese custom of drinking vinegar, which is supposed to clean your system. I quite enjoyed that.”

“Mirka did not come to dinner last night so I brought her back some take away sushi. She was afraid to eat it as she thought ‘Captain Wasabi’ would hit again but I never play the same joke twice. And she hasn’t had her revenge yet, so I need to watch out… ”

“…they have the best toilets in the world. You could sit on the toilet for hours! The seat is warm, there is a water spray…Toto, the makers of this special toilet seat, are geniuses. The toilet in my bathroom is like a space shuttle, there are so many buttons that I am always afraid to press the wrong one. [I think the labels were all in Japanese, so it was trial and error for Rogi – hot jets, cold jets, air blasts, angles, lights, maybe vibration??] I definitely want to buy one for my apartment!”

Rogi and Tim Henman clowned around and giggled over their dinners in Japan. See the photos and read more at: http://www.atpworldtour.com/tennis/en/blog/2006/federer.asp

Well, Hemmy doesn’t tour anymore and Rogi isn’t exactly having too many laughs these days. I hope he finds himself soon again.