10 Thoughts on RAW – 04.20.09

Kane, CM Punk and Melina! 10 Thoughts on… RAW?

1. I’m excited to see Ricky Steamboat wrestle one last match. If I expect anyone to keep their retirement promise, it’s The Dragon.

2. I used to believe Chavo Guerrero had the ability to make it big in the WWE, but after years of being buried and misused, he’s a nobody. I find it odd that Vickie Guererro is the one that benefits out of Eddie’s death rather than Chavo, the fifteen year veteran!

3. This was Punk’s and Kane’s chance to carry some viewers from RAW to SmackDown! and they failed miserably.

4. The Santino/Santina segment was pretty good. I think they should have acted like they were two different people for a little while longer, but it was good while it lasted.

5. Though I’m not going to miss Melina, her matches were always a treat to watch. Whether she was being thrown around by Beth Phoenix or making Jillian Hall her spotfest dummy, she had some damn good matches.

6. Chris Jericho actually looked like a human being against John Cena! Nothing against Jericho in past matches with the champ, but Cena has ALWAYS overpowered and out-maneuvered Jericho. It was nice to see what Jericho is truly capable of. Both men looked strong and, though it was a stupid ending, it was equally perfect. Cena will always be booked strong so it’s impossible to make him look weak. Chris Jericho, on the other hand, likely carried over a handful of viewers from RAW to SmackDown!. Takes my vote as WWE Televised Match of the Year.

7. I’m so glad Rey Mysterio got knocked the **** out.

8. *Sigh* They couldn’t have made McMahon’s turn any more obvious! It’s still a mystery who he’ll swerve or if it’ll be intentional, but the backstage segment with Batista and Shane having some awkward tension between each other was a dead giveaway. Well, I DID bank on it. And we all remembered what happened last time I banked on something…

9. I didn’t mention Maryse yet so I’m going to do it now. At least one thought per week will be about Maryse. I guarantee!

10. Nice main event. They ended it perfectly; no team looked too strong or too weak. Awesome build to Backlash. I’m excited!

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