One Year in Memphis – April 19, 1986


Jerry Lawler over Tony Falk (replacing the Barbarian)

Jos LeDuc/Jeff Jarrett over Buddy Landel/Bill Dundee by DQ

Dutch Mantell over Abdul Gadaffi

MOD Squad over Phil Hickerson/Frank Morrell

Billy Travis over Rip Rogers

Paul Diamond/Tojo Yamamoto over Memphis Vice

Pat Tanaka over Tony Falk

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show by announcing that Bill Dundee and Buddy Landel teaming together in the opener. We’d also be seeing Billy Travis, Dutch Mantell, Jos LeDuc, and Tony Falk would square off against Jeff Jarrett. Russell reminded us that both Dundee and Landel had lost their titles before sending us to commercial.

We came back to Russell at the interview set. He was joined by Landel and Dundee, who immediately began trying to intimidate him. Russell responded by urging them to hit him while reminding them of the fine and five years’ expulsion from the territory.

Dundee kept going by talking about how everyone had been against him at the match when he’d lost the title, and now he said that Eddie Marlin were trying to himself and Landel into curtain jerkers. Landel and Dundee continued to cry about a conspiracy as Russell tried to keep the interview under control. They closed by reminding Russell how they’d beaten Lawler and Mantell before and could do so again.

Landel and Dundee raced to the ring to face David Johnson and Jim Jamison. Both Landel and Dundee began attacking before the bell rang as the referee tried to get some control of the match. Finally Jamison got pitched so Dundee threw him back into the ring to Landel as he continued attacking Johnson on the floor.

Landel and Dundee made quick tags and completely dismantled Jamison. When Johnson tried to help his partner, Dundee simply entered the ring and helped Landel to attack him as well. Finally the referee stopped the match to prevent injury to Johnson at 2:33.

We came back from commercials to see Russell backstage to talk about the week’s card. Dundee and Landel joined Russell to discuss the match a bit. Dundee bashed LeDuc and Jarrett. Dundee promised to knock Jarrett out with one punch and then Landel and Dundee would take care of LeDuc.

After the break, Billy Travis was set to take on Keith Erich. Travis took Erich down with a quick arm drag and then began working over Erich’s left arm. Erich wound up gaining control only for Travis to fight back with a slugfest. An atomic drop and a double chop put Travis in firm control – just in time for Landel and Dundee to attack. They pitched Erich and then Dundee nailed Travis with a double axe handle from the top rope. Landel followed that with a figure four, but the appearance of a bullwhip-wielding Dutch Mantell sent Landel and Travis running.

Tony Falk and Abdul Gadaffi then joined Russell at the interview set, where Russell reminded Falk that he still hadn’t won a match. Falk advised Russell that the government of Libya had contacted him and asked him to take control of Gadaffi’s business affairs. Falk then added that Mantell was obviously afraid of Landel and wouldn’t give him a title rematch, but that Gadaffi could destroy Mantell without any help.

We then headed to the ring, where Mantell was set to face the Masked Patriot. Mantell seized control of the match as soon as the bell rang. Mantell outwrestled and overpowered the Patriot easily for the entire match. Mantell also played to the crowd by trying to pull the Patriot’s mask off. As Mantell dominated, Russell advised that we’d be seeing Pat Tanaka and Jeff Young tagging, as well as Rip Rogers. Just then Landel and Dundee hit the ring and began attacking Mantell. This time a chair-wielding Billy Travis made the save to repay Mantell for his actions earlier.

After a commercial we were back with Russell for the rundown on Wednesday night.

Another break brought us to Dundee and Landel at commentary, talking about how they’d whipped everyone on the show thus far. They began bashing Jos LeDuc and the Canadian lumberjack made his way out. When he did, Dundee and Landel immediately changed their tune.

While Landel got into an argument with LeDuc, Dundee began assaulting his opponent in the ring. LeDuc hit the ring and pitched Dundee, then clotheslined Bill Rose for the win. LeDuc then fixed his gaze on Dundee and Landel who decided it was time to go.

Another break brought us to Tony Falk’s match against Jeff Jarrett. Falk headed to commentary and told everyone that he’d only been kept from defeating Jarrett when the ten minute time limit was reached. Falk insisted that the limit had been 20, and then Landel and Dundee joined him. Dundee talked about how Falk was a victim of a conspiracy, just like they were. Dundee and Landel then promised that they wouldn’t be interfering in that match because they knew that Falk could take care of Jarrett.

As Falk headed to the ring, Eddie Marlin, Dutch Mantell, and Billy Travis headed to commentary after Landel and Dundee. Marlin ordered Landel and Dundee to the back. With Mantell giving chase, they decided to obey.

Falk attacked Jarrett as soon as the bell rang and began working Jarrett over. He dropped a knee and then pulled Jarrett up and bounced his head off a turnbuckle before starting to throw right hands. Falk continued his domination of Jarrett by locking him in a headlock. Jarrett got something going by reversing an Irish whip and then backdropping Falk.

Falk changed his strategy and went back to the fists. Falk took Jarrett down, climbed to the second rope, and stomped Jarrett before throwing him between the ropes. Jarrett reentered the ring with a sunset flip and got the win. That was Dundee and Landel’s cue to attack and they began working Jarrett over while Pat Rose, Gadaffi, and Falk held the door to the baby face locker room closed.

In the ring, Landel trapped Jarrett in a Boston crab while Dundee dropped a knee from the turnbuckle. That brought Jos LeDuc out to attack Landel and Dundee. LeDuc quickly disposed of Tony Falk and the door came open to allow Mantell and Travis to run in and offer assistance as well. Landel and Dundee decided the odds were against them and took a powder. LeDuc then carried Jarrett to the back.

Brown theorized that LeDuc was angry with Landel and Dundee and was more interested in attacking them. LeDuc then came back out and headed to commentary for a word with Russell. Russell asked LeDuc why he’d helped Jarrett. LeDuc explained that while he had no problems hurting people, he’d never hurt a boy. LeDuc added that he didn’t need Landel or Dundee to interfere in his matches, because he could handle things himself. LeDuc then promised that he’d ask for a match where Landel and Dundee teamed up against himself and Jarrett. LeDuc closed by telling Jarrett that he’d only learn to wrestle in the ring.

After another commercial break, we headed back to Russell to run down Wednesday night’s show. He was joined by Jarrett and LeDuc. Jarrett said that he agreed with LeDuc – and that he’d only learn to wrestle in the ring. He then promised that he’d do his best. LeDuc promised to destroy Landel and Mantell. LeDuc added that he hadn’t asked Jarrett to win the match, only to not get beaten because he’d handle everything else.

Hustler Rip Rogers was up next, and he was talking to Russell. Rogers ran down the titles that he’d won and then promised to make a name for himself in this territory. He was set to take on David Haskins. Rogers and Haskins were evenly matched until Rogers landed a knee in Haskins’s midsection. He then rammed Haskins’s head into the turnbuckle and raked his back to keep control. A Rogers right hand kept Haskins down, and then Rogers pitched Haskins out through the ropes.

Rogers left the ring to “help” Haskins back in and he did, after landing a cheap shot. A body slam put Haskins down for a one count and Rogers pulled him up. Rogers put Haskins down with a suplex, posed for the crowd, and pulled Haskins up at the two. Rogers peppered Haskins with punches and then choked him over the top rope. Rogers clotheslined Haskins down and then locked him in a Boston crag. Haskins quickly submitted to give Rogers the win at 3:21.

Pat Tanaka and Jeff Young then came out to battle Pat Rose and Abdul Gadaffi (with Tony Falk in their corner). Rose and Young started the match with Young getting an early headlock on Rose. Rose fought back and tagged in the powerhouse Libyan. Gadaffi slammed Young and then missed a leg drop. Gadaffi grabbed Young’s left arm and started working it as Young fought (and failed) to get free. Gadaffi brought Rose back in and he wound up arm dragged over before Young went for a quick cover that didn’t even earn a one count.

Young brought in Tanaka, who started throwing chops at Rose. A should block sent both men down and then a Tanaka chop sent Rose to the mat. Tanaka brought Young back in and he returned to working over Rose’s arm. Rose whipped Young and Falk made sure that Young went down. Rose suplexed Young down for a two and tagged Gadaffi back in.

Gadaffi put Young down with a clothesline and started choking him. Gadaffi then whipped Young across the ring, stopped him with an elbow, and dropped an elbow before slamming him and bringing Rose back in. Rose missed an elbow drop and Tanaka came back in. Tanaka chopped Rose down and chopped Gadaffi down as well when he entered the ring.

Gadaffi had just slipped out of the ring to get away from the four man brawl when time ran out.

We came back to hear Russell putting Young and Tanaka over. Brown then gave a quick rundown of the show and Russell brought up LeDuc’s save of Jarrett before saying goodbye.


Bill Dundee/Buddy Landel vs. Jos LeDuc/Jeff Jarrett

Mid-America title
Dutch Mantell © vs. Abdul Gadaffi

MOD Squad vs. Pat Tanaka/Jeff Young

Tony Falk vs. Tojo Yamamoto

Pat Rose vs. Paul Diamond

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