Taz, Melina & Petey Williams Updates

Taz, formerly known as Tazz, is unable to appear on camera for TNA until his non-compete clause with WWE expires but he is being lined-up for a role as Samoa Joe’s advisor. They teased this at Lockdown with Joe’s black towel and Taz-style suplexes during Lethal Lockdown. This would be the third on-air advisor for Joe following Kevin Nash and Marcus Davis. In the longer term, Taz would be expected to transition back to a commentator role at some point.

Melina got a lot of backstage heat after openly complaining about being drafted to Smackdown last week. It did not endear her to anybody as all the wrestlers were in the same boat of perhaps being switched.

An over-excited and quite possibly Canadian fan of TNA has started an online petition to get the company to re-hire Petey Williams. Sign here, if you like.

Credit: PWNet.com

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